The Ultimate Guide To Melemele Island Trial In Pokemon Sun And Moon

The Ultimate Guide To Melemele Island Trial In Pokemon Sun And Moon
The first trial in Pokemon Sun and Moon is located in the Melemele Island. Photo : blahblahLPs/YouTube

For anyone who's playing Pokemon GO, they'll certainly agree that Pokemon Sun and Moon have the things Niantic's game fail to offer. But of course, Nintendo's titles are more than that. There are no gym battles, as these are replaced with the likes of Battle Royal, PvPs and the titular Island Trials. Speaking of the latter, the first one can be found in Melemele Island. For those who're having a hard time with this trial, this guide can be of a huge help.

Somewhere in the games, players will be introduced to the first trial. It's basically on the island near the home of the trainers -- the Melemele Island, that is. This one here features the Verdant Cavern. However, in order to access it, trainers must first introduced themselves to the Trial Captain. Otherwise, they will be denied accessing the said trial.

Once the Trainer School -- located in Hau'oli City -- in Pokemon Sun and Moon is completed, players will meet Captain IIima. This character here tends to show up once that process is done. From here, players will learn what the trial is all about and what sort of challengers they'll be up against.

To find IIima, simply go out using the docks in the city. There, they'll find the NPC. Note that doing so will result to Team Skull's appearance, which is really inevitable. However, players have to defeat them. Why? That's because doing so will allow them to face the Yungoos (owned by the Captain) as well as Smeargle. Just be very careful with the latter Pokemon, though, as it can really cause problems -- huge ones.

Once done, Pokemon Sun and Moon players will be informed where the exact location of the Verdant Cavern is. It's basically located in Route 2. So, the idea here, is to simply keep playing until the point is reached. Sooner or later, the first trial will happen. It's worth noting that when inside the cavern, players won't be able to capture any Pokemon. This is impossible until the trial is completed or done.

Players should also expect a few Pokemon fights, though it really depends on the kind of game they own. For example, in Sun, the monsters they'll be facing are Yungoos and Gumshoos. As for Moon players, the likes of the Alolan Rattata and Alolan Raticate will greet them.Raticate will greet them.

The main course in the first Pokemon Sun and Moon trial is to go around the cavern. Most likely, players will be able to find the aforementioned Pokemon easily. It's really going to take their time, as some creatures are that hard to find. Well, let alone the amount of time the battles will eat up.

Obviously, the stronger the Pokemon will be, the harder it will be to win. However, as long as players are successful, they will be rewarded with a Z Crystal. Well, this should enough to encourage and/or inspire them to take the feat. Anyway, good luck!

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide? Have you completed the first trial of the games already? If so, how was it? Any tips you can share? You can let us know of your thoughts at the comment section below!

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