Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: Where To Find The Nearest Spawn Area Using Android And iOS?

Several Pokémon GO players are still having some issues involving some certain Pokémon. That is why some players prefer to use third-party tracking applications to easily locate and find a Pokémon. There is another easier method to evolve a specific type of Pokémon, wherein players just have to find its Nest.

Difference between Nest and Spawn

According to a recent report from Pokémon GO Hub, a lot of Pokémon GO players cannot find the difference between a Pokémon Nest and a Pokémon Spawn Area. For everyone's knowing, a Pokémon Nest is a certain location in Pokémon GO where players can find the same type of Pokémon over and over again.

What's a Pokémon Nest?

There are different types of Pokémon Nests in Pokémon GO, and most of the Nests spawn Pokémon for 4 to 5 instances of the same kind over a couple of hours, which usually takes 1 to 2 hours after the next spawn. A Pokémon Nest doesn't have to generate massive amounts of Pokémon in just a short period of time. There might be Nests that behave that way as well

What's a Pokémon Spawn Area?

On the other hand, a Spawn Area is just locations that generate several Pokémon but not, take note, NOT the same type. Spawn areas in Pokémon GO are locations that also correlate with any Open Street Map data. Some of the areas in Open Street Map data are going to be Parks, Recreational Grounds, Golf courses, Meadows and Grass. Players can also try to check these kinds of areas if there are some Nests nearby.

When discovering a Pokémon Nest

If a Pokémon GO player locates a Pokémon Nest and they are sure that it spawns the same species, they can opt to report it to TheSilphRoad Global Nest Atlas to help other players know about that location. Players should also want to track the time in between its spawns, as well as the amount of Pokémon spawned in the area.

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