Super Mario Maker 3DS News, Update: 2 Reasons Why It's Desperate, Unnecessary

By Lizzie Mefford , Dec 02, 2016 04:50 AM EST
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Super Mario Maker 3DS reportedly lacks features to make the game distinct. Moreover, it should be noted that the Super Super Mario Maker is slated to come to the Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, the Super Mario Maker 3DS reportedly comes with 100 built-in levels.

Furthermore, Super Mario Maker 3DS reportedly takes on a 2D platformer formula. Apparently, the Super Mario Maker 3DS is said to be analogous to its predecessor in terms of creating levels. It is also said that Super Mario Maker 3DS Make mode is as robust as its predecessor.

It has been noted that the Super Mario Maker 3DS does not support online features. Note that sharing a finished level on Super Mario Maker 3DS may only be achieved via the StreetPass and local wireless. Additionally, Super Mario Maker 3DS reportedly features a lower polish version of the previous game.

Apparently, the graphics on Super Mario Maker 3DS may not be as appreciated as the predecessor may be on the Nintendo Switch. Hence, experts have noted that skipping Super Mario Maker 3DS and simply waiting for the Switch version may be the better option. Apparently, the Super Mario Maker 3DS version is said to be more appealing had not the original game been released.

In other news, Super Mario Maker 3DS is also said to allow players to make intricate on Super Mario Bros. levels as well. Unfortunately, Super Mario Maker 3DS may not allow online sharing. The game is further slated for a Dec. 2 release.

Super Mario Maker 3DS touch screen even on the XL model is said to be cramped in comparison to the Wii U version. Moreover, the Mystery Mushroom may not be allowed to alter the appearance of Mario as well as the other nintendo characters. However, hidden keys, boss fights, locked doors and mid-level checkpoints are still expected to make the game appeal to players. Watch the live stream preview here:


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