Dota 2 News: GG.Bet, The Major Sponsor Of Ad Finem, Team NP and Empire Allegedy Scammed Its Users

By K.C , Dec 15, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Just recently, a third-party betting site, made a huge announcement by sponsoring rising teams from the West, specifically the Boston Major finalist, Ad Finem, Team NP and Team Empire. After the sponsorship was announced, the site gained popularity almost instantly - more and more people are encouraged to use their sponsored team's promo codes to obtain bonus site currency. Little did they know, there's a crucial rule stipulated on the site's Terms and Conditions upon the usage of the site's "bonus cash."

 GG.Bet Allegedly Scammed Its Amateur Users

A long Reddit post detailed the alleged scam of GG.Bet upon the betting neophytes with the inconspicuous rule about using their site's promo codes which give bonus money on the user's profile account. According to one amateur user GG.Bet has imposed a rule wherein once you obtained bonus cash (usually 100% bonus deposit), you need to have earned 25 times more than that in order for you to withdraw your cash.

Moreover, you need to accomplish this feat within 30 days! It's safe to say that for amateur and neophytes, they'll most likely lose all of their deposited cash before they can even reach the mark. This however, is a mistake from the user's end due to the fact that he or she already had accepted the Terms and Conditions of the site - albeit most of us simply ignore it.

Fast forward, the user claimed to have deposited $50 on the site and with the use of the promo code, he was able to double that amount. Additionally, he used another promo code that nets him another free $12 for a total of $112 which means that he needs to get a grand total of $2,800 within 30 days otherwise all of his initial deposit and earnings will expire.

The Problem on the System

The user's issue with the site's system is that aside from the inconspicuous rule, the site should specifically state what currency it is altering. For example, if the site uses bonus money, it should return as bonus money and leave his "real money" untouched. And If the site uses his "real money," it should return as real money as well. The problem is, the site converts all of the deposited cash and earnings into "bonus money" which will all expire by the end of 30 days if you're not able to reach the quota. You can see the user's full story here.

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