Resident Evil 7 Dataminers Uncovers Old Character Returning And Possible Endings

By Nick Halden , Dec 22, 2016 04:40 AM EST

Resident Evil 7 dataminers were able to uncover about a possible return of an old character. The game's demo version also revealed possible scenarios and endings in the horror game.

Albert Wesker is Back - Maybe

Resident Evil 7 dataminers noticed a lot of file names attached with the word "Albert". This seems to hint that Wesker is going to be featured in the upcoming game. There are some doubts though if the character is making a comeback. As far as game lore is concerned, he was incinerated by a volcano. Capcom though, can simply explain that the Wesker who died is a clone or something.

There is also another theory mentioned in the NeoGAF thread. It's not Wesker who is returning but his weapons and items but at this point these are all mere speculations.

Possible Story Line and Ending

Resident Evil 7 dataminers believed that the game's story line will be divided into nine chapters. In Chapter 1, players will meet Mia and Zoe. You try to rescue Mia while fighting the Moulded but get knocked out in the end. Player will wake up in Chapter 2 and gets some assistance from a police man. Chapter 3 will let you explore and meet Jack as well as a reunion with the Molded. The rest of the chapters promised to provide a lot of twists to the game's storyline.

Chapter 9, which is the possible finale, player will finish off the final boss using a gun curiously named as Albert. The data uncovered in this final chapter seems to indicate there are several possible endings for the game. It should be pointed out that Resident Evil 7 dataminers worked on the demo version only. It is very possible that the final version will have substantial changes in the plots and gameplay.

Possible DLC Coming Up

Resident Evil 7 dataminers have also discovered possible DLC contents for the upcoming came. These "four short stories" are believed to mini-games and not related to the chapter length DLC packs.

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