Best Guides In Using Pixel Smartphone With Google's Project Fi

By stphntapulao , Dec 26, 2016 06:56 PM EST

Last 2015, Google released a remedy on lagging network services, coined as Project Fi. Many were shocked with how it functioned but many were in greater awe that the company collaborated with Sprint and T-Mobille to consume cheap phones. With this, many were asking as to how they could link the Project Fi in their Pixel Smartphone.

Step-by-Step Way In Activating Project Fi In Your Smartphones

To formally access Project Fi, make sure that users already went to its sign-up page and ordered the SIM kit. After that, download the needed Project Fi app.

Check if the Project Fi is compatible with your smartphones. Phones should be unlocked variants and run by Android 5.1 Lollipop or above. Once SIM kit is handed, enable Project Fi. It should be noted that handset must be plugged into a source to prevent it from shutting down. Also, connect your device on the wireless network near you.

Immediately turn your phone off and insert the SIM card. Follow the handed video of Google online carefully. Make sure that your initial set up would be cleared as it would determine the activation of the new Project Fi number.

Users should then check out their devices' updated applications like Hangouts, Messenger and Project Fi. To see if everything is running smooth, do test calls and messages.

Project Fi Features Automatic Wi-Fi Access And Data Usage Alerts

On the other hand, it was revealed that Project Fi could automatically connect to a secured wireless network. This would immediately save Wi-Fi networks syncs on the devices where Google accounts is already signed. Also, Project Fi enables the device to make calls using Wi-Fi, check on their data usage and be an instant hotspot.

There has been a series of applications that Google recommended for best usage of the Project Fi on your Pixel Smartphones.

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