5 Hottest And Revealing Questions About The 'Nintendo Switch'

Nintendo is currently enjoying its massive success, thanks to the Nintendo Switch. However, the people are still curious as to what really is this new and revolutionary console.

Before anything else, the Nintendo Switch is a machine that looks like a tablet. It also speaks of portability, enabling one to bring it anywhere they like. However, you can also hook it up with the TV and connect it there as well. So it's an all-in-one device.

Here are the hottest and most revealing questions that lurks behind the Nintendo Switch:

1. How much is it?

If ever the Switch would be priced at $300, then it would be just like the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. It wouldn't make sense then.

However, if it was at the $250 mark, then it will still be a little bit high considering that it would already be in the levels of the Wii and the 3DS. But if it's priced at only $200, then it's a very good deal by then.

2. What are its main features?

According to Wired, Nintendo boasts its capacitive touchscreen that mimics that of most high-end tablets today. It also has its own set of gyros in its very own JoyCons.

With the help of these features, Nintendo is indeed leveling up the game, as it competes head on with Sony and Microsoft.

3. Is it good in handling user accounts?

Nintendo is known to have a very basic form of user account system. With this, the Nintendo Switch might just be following that age-long trend. This also means that all of the accounts are dependent solely on the hardware. This will then result to you not being able to log in on other systems.

And if ever your console suffers some sort of damage, what you need to do is to call the customer service of Nintendo and ask them for help.

4. What about paid online services?

Just like Microsoft and Sony who promotes their respective online stores, it might also be that Nintendo will follow this trend.

It makes perfect sense because this is what people want, and of course, this is how they make more money.

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