iOS 10.3 Update: How To Find Your AirPods

When the AirPods were introduced last year, the public had one collective question: What happens when wearables get lost? It was a great point of concern that could not be overlooked no matter how great a piece of technology Apple produced. The Cupertino tech giant, with its upcoming iOS 10.3 update, will address this risk via a new feature.

As C|Net reports, the current iOS 10.3 beta testing allows owners to locate their AirPods via the Find My iPhone app. The app can play a sound on one or both of the wearables in order to make locating them easier for the users. And while this will appease some Apple loyalists, it still does come with its set of trouble.

For instance, the feature still heavily relies on the location of the iPhone or the iPad. This is because the sound can only be activated within the Bluetooth range between the AirPods and the iOS device that is connected via iCloud. But when the wearable is not within range or has run out of battery, the Find My iPhone application will only note where the item was last located when connected to the device.

But as the publication continues, the IOS 10.3 update will arrive with new features for Siri as well. Users will soon be able to check cricket scores and stats for the Indian Premier League and International Cricket Council, for example. Furthermore, third party payment app developers will be able to incorporate Siri into the application itself. Theoretically, the virtual assistant will help pay and check the status of the user's bills.

However, Apple Insider adds that a new Reviews API will be included in the iOS 10.3 update. This feature will limit popups to a maximum of three times a year and will give individuals the option to turn them off completely. Beta users have had access to the new features since Tuesday.

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