Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Facebook´s New Mission

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg published a letter in which he explained the company´s new mission in the next years to come, acknowledging the shortcomings and blind spots that the platform´s original mission created among its users. In a lengthy letter, Zuckerberg defined his vision for what kind of world he believes his social network can create.

Mark Zuckerberg´s Letter Explained Facebook´s Next Ambition

Although the note included few specifics, it offered some ambitious objectives of how Facebook can actually contribute to a greater understanding from several kinds of situation as fake news and terrorism. In the letter, Zuckerberg explained that the platform is getting closer to its next step, and while its greatest opportunities as spreading prosperity and freedom are now global, global challenges as fighting climate change, preventing pandemics or ending terrorism also needs a global response.

The New Mission Consists 5 Goals

Also, Zuckerberg points out 5 particular goals that Facebook needs to accomplish: this is to help users build communities that are safe, informed, supportive, inclusive, and that are civically engaged. In this particular issue, what seems quite interesting is the way in which he expressed the importance of being well informed, given the fact that his social media network has recently been widely criticized for the fake news phenomenon, that could have unpredictable consequences for a specific community in a certain context.

The letter has been widely claimed by many analysts since they believe that it clearly represents how Facebook wants to progress from giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.  After all, this is Facebook's initial mission statement that could be seen when you visit the company´s portal. In short, the letter defines what happens after the platform connects with the people and how it could better its best.

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