EU Wants Facebook To Get Rid Of The Fake News Or Face The Consequences

Facebook´s fake news has been one of the biggest controversies in social media history, given the fact that this is a problem which consequences are quite dangerous, and the solution is so delicate. It would set a turning point in journalism´s history, considering that many writers need to get used to new rules so their writings don't get tagged as fake news. Since this situation is aggravating in a global scale, the European Union (EU) just told Facebook to get rid of this issue or face some actions that would be taken against Mark Zuckerberg´s company.

The EU Blasted Against Facebook

According to the Financial Times, the EU´s digital chief explained that Facebook will face a regulatory intervention if the social media network doesn't take a stronger stance on the fake news, considering that the European Commission believes that this company could have done more to solve it.

Explaining the aggressive position on this issue, European commissioner Andrus Asip told that even when he believes in self-regulatory measures, some clarifications will be taken if these are needed since fake news represent major problems that could harm every single social media network.

Only Facebook And The Social Media Networks Can Fight Against Fake News

Naturally, this warning follows a wave of fake news stories posted on the Facebook that eventually end up getting viral during the U.S. presidential elections, an event that was framed by this issue, given the fact that the false information was considered as crucial to getting the Republican nominee Donald Trump elected as the new chief of state.

As reported by RT, the EU wants Facebook and the social media networks to be the only parties involved in the actions that need to be taken in order to fight against the spread of fake news. Explaining this stance, the Asip suggested that it would be less invasive for the users if the platforms are the ones that make the decisions to solve the problem since he believes that being the ministry of truth is even worse that the fake news.

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