Everything You Need To Know About The New Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 Mobile phone is coming back, To Be Launched At MWC 2017 .
The fact that the Finnish company decided to reboot the Nokia 3310, even this is not even a smartphone, it clearly represents an intention of emphasizing its legacy. Photo : Basil/YouTube

Although Nokia´s return to the smartphone business is clearly one of the most important news in the tech world this year, the most famous product that the company will unveil at the HMD is definitely the new Nokia 3310, a reboot of the famous phone that ruled the world more than a decade ago. Given this particular situation, here´s everything you need to know about this new-old mobile device.

The Nokia 3310 Will Be The Company´s Star In Its Show

Nokia´s return has been one of the most expected in tech history, given the fact that this was the most popular in the phone business before the appearance of the first iPhon. Given this situation, one of the greatest moves that the company could do in its comeback was to commemorate its old glory with a certain mobile device, and the Nokia 3310 is definitely the most important of everyone.

Even when this phone will be launched along the Nokia 3, 5 and 6, it will definitely be the main star in the company´s show, considering that this was such a popular mobile device that everyone loved back in the old days.  Naturally, the Nokia 3310 is filled with a clear symbolism: the company´s return is a reality.

The New Nokia 3310 Will Be An Upgraded Version Of The Original

Although this mobile device will probably have the same appearance as the one you saw more than a decade ago, it will be an upgraded version, which clearly represents something extremely good for those who loved this handset, and for those Nokia lovers around the world. In fact, this new Nokia 3310 could even come with the famous resistance it had, which was actually so incredible that in addition to being hailed as the indestructible phone, there were many YouTube videos in which the phone was put into a resistance test, and it happened to resist any kind of damage.

It is quite possible that the new Nokia 3310 could actually come with a color screen, even when it can´t be compared with the quality of a smartphone, it will definitely represent a huge improvement from one of the most popular phones in the history. Also, this mobile device might even offer a better performance than the original.

The New Nokia 3310 Will Have The Original Snake

Let´s face it, in a time in which smartphones offer almost everything you can find on a computer, games seems to be one of the greatest things that these products offer, given the fact that some of these are so incredible that it represent the greatest way to chill out.

Given this situation, the fact that the new Nokia 3310 will have the original Snake, it clearly represents a great news not only for gamers, but also for those that has been using mobile devices since a decade, since this was a popular game that it became one of the main reasons why this product was so popular back in the days. In fact, considering that a reboot of old video consoles with its old games, playing Snake in a Nokia 3310 for less than $60 seems a really good deal.

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