Nokia 6 Could Be Released Any Time Soon; Availability Exclusive Only In China?

Far from limiting the brand to the release of the Nokia D1C and the Nokia P1, the Finnish company launched its first Android smartphone called Nokia 6 in China, making its first step in a journey that hopes to end up recovering the brand´s old importance in the market. Nevertheless, even when many customers were complaining about the possibility that this mobile device will only be available in China, new information suggesst that it could be launched globally.

The Nokia 6 Could Be Released Globally In A Different Model

According to Pocket-Lint, Nokia 6 official teaser video not only show some details about the phone but also explain that more announcements are coming on 26 February, which is the day before the Mobile World Congress officially beings. Naturally, it´s pretty likely that this could mean a global launch, given the fact that this kind of announcements always means that the brand will release the product to other countries.

However, there´s also the possibility that the announce could mean that the Nokia 6 will definitely be launched globally, but in a different version than the one released in China, which would be a move that wouldn't be exactly great for the brand´s lover. The reason of this possibility is that Nokia Power has unearthed a variant of the mobile device passing through the Bluetooth certification, and while the China´s version ha the model number TA-1000, there´s another model number called TA-1003.

There´s A Strategic Reason To Keep It In Exclusively In China

Nevertheless, as reported by Tech Times, there´s also strategic reasons to believe that the Nokia 6 could only be available in China, as the fact that the brand will return with its brand-name smartphone after a terrible experience with Microsoft. In this situation, and in this situation the Finnish company cannot take another risk and underestimate the possible consumer´s skepticism. Naturally, the best way to study this issue is by launching the Nokia 6 only in one country and see what happens.

In any case, the Nokia 6 that has been released in China wears a 5.5-inch 1920 x1090 full HD display, a Dolby Atmos for mobile, and the Snapdragon 430 processor with 4GB and 64 GB storage. Although these specs don´t exactly scream flagship, the Nokia 6 is a phone that customers would definitely want to give a try.

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