Pokemon GO Guide: How The Two Berries Should Be Used

A lot of things have happened to Pokemon GO, thanks to the updates the developer Niantic has released. One of these is the introduction of new features -- most of which are something that fans have been hoping for since day one. Among these are the two new kinds of berries, which are the ones players use to throw at those little monsters. For those who are still unfamiliar, this guide is worth checking out.

According to CNET, the Nanab berries in Pokemon GO is used in order to slow down the movement of a certain creature. The other one, which is called Pinap Berry, efficiently doubles the total amount of candies players get from capturing species. Apparently though, each of these berries work differently; hence it's best to know how each should be utilized more effectively.

For the Nanab Berries, Pokemon GO players must use them as replacement for the typical razz berries. This is most especially with every fight. Why? Well, it's for the simple fact that they're new. But more than that, they are quite effective in any capturing tactic. These berries are good when it comes to dodgers, too. Slowing down a Pokemon will make things easier, particularly when catching.

As for the Pinab Berries in Pokemon GO, they're of much more importance. Why? That's because it's good for increasing the amount of candies acquired when capturing a Pokemon. So, in a sense, it's best to take advantage of it every time capturing is involved. Or perhaps, which is also a good strategy, it can be utilized even when just throwing at a creature.

However, the aforementioned berries in Pokemon GO shouldn't just be wasted on common catches. Pinab Berries, in particular, should only be used when evolving a creature is a priority. Or, at least, doing so is the next possible option to go. For instance, players want to evolve a rare Pokemon -- this is the best time to use the said berries in order to double the quantity of the candies.

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