Niantic Introduces Affordable Storage Upgrades To Pokemon GO

Almost all Pokemon GO players are excited for the new things coming to the game. That's because Niantic is bound to finally release the highly anticipated features and new monsters. As for the latter, well, reports suggest that a total of 80 creatures are coming. And this is indeed true, as the studio just discounted some of the upgrades for the Pokemon storage.

According to Polygon, storage upgrades in Pokemon GO are expected to be heavily discounted. First and foremost, players are going to be needing them. This is simply for the fact that a good number of creatures are coming to the game. And obviously, the more species there are, the more storage spaces are needed.

Fortunately, Niantic has decided to offer discounts to Pokemon GO players who want to upgrade their respective storages. This will be happening in the next two weeks, so it's best for fans to ready themselves. The timeline has already started (Feb. 16), but will end on Feb. 28. During this period, there'll be an increase in the amount of storage fans will have.

The discount rate is at 50 percent fewer in terms of PokeCoins in Pokemon GO. So, in a sense, the upgrade is closer to a 100 PokeCoin purchase. This one here is somewhat equivalent to 99 cents in today's real-life currency.

Each of these upgrades in Pokemon GO will give players 50 additional slots in their bags or inventories. In order for them to reach the maximum capacity (which is at 1,000 Pokemon), the total amount of money expected to be spent is at $15. Well, that's really a good figure, so to speak.

Originally, Pokemon GO players are able to store at least 250 Pokemon at any given time. Somehow, this already gives enough space especially for those who still want to acquire more creatures. However, since an additional set of Pokemon (80 in total) are coming, the said slots aren't going to be enough.

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