Pokemon GO Spawn Locations For Chansey, Porygon

In Pokemon GO, Chansey and Porygon might not be the most popular ones. Players are barely intrigued or enthused when it comes to catching them. However, with the latest event (Valentine's Day), it has totally changed. Fans are now looking to acquire these creatures, hoping to up their gameplay with the current event.

According to Otakukart, Porygon in Pokemon GO, in particular, is invading all of New York City. The only catch, though, is that massive snowstorms are making it impossible for players to catch the said specie. Nonetheless, this creature can be found in almost all parts of the place -- Minneapolis being a good example.

The above-mentioned Pokemon GO creature has also been reported to have spawn abroad. This includes the likes of Spain, London and Madrid, among others. Going back to the United States, players are also reporting sightings of it in Seattle, WA. Chansey, on the other hand, also has its own story to tell for the entire community. Although its chances of spawning in the aforementioned city is less, it still tends to appear in select areas.

Chansey is also making an appearance to Pokemon GO locations such as Davis, CA. This one here has been discussed over and over again in various forum sites such as Reddit. Actually, this is a good time to build strong gyms for future battles or whatnots. Places that have barely spawned this creature has indeed chanced perhaps due to the current event.

In related Pokemon GO news, Niantic is believed to have increased the spawn locations of the game. No wonder the aforementioned sightings have increased drastically. Although it may be due to the Valentine's Day event, somehow, there's reason to believe that the studio will do it permanently. For instance, steel-type Pokemon are said to have stretch their appearances in various places. This, in one way or another, will definitely make it huge for the game.

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