This Upcoming Overwatch Tool Can Now Save A Player's POTG Highlights

Recently, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has posted in an Overwatch's forum revealing the details of the much-requested game tool that will allow players to save and export their Play of the Game highlights without using third-party applications. He further mentioned that the development team will add the tool very soon.

According to Game Rant, since the game's arrival, players have been craving for a feature that would allow them to save their Play of the Game highlights quickly. With Kaplan's latest post, it would be excellent news for these Overwatch fans. Meanwhile, fans do not need to wait for long. The game director said that the team is currently working on the feature right now and should be available for release sometime before the summer ends.

The Play of the Game highlights is undeniably the defining factor of each Overwatch player's experiences. In this case, giving them the opportunity to save, store and share their top plays. It expected that the feature would be attractive as time passes. It is possible that other players are unable to share their highlights due to nominal restrictions or other issues.

For those who are not aware, these POTG feature was well-known even outside the game. For instance, one fan created an impressive parody video of Game of Thrones Season 6 finale using the feature. It highlighted the explosive scenes of the episode and became viral online.

Overall, the upcoming Overwatch tool is another evidence showing how Blizzard listens to their community and offers what they exactly want. By this notion, it would surely keep the game community intact and grow stronger as time passes.

On other news, the brand new Overwatch Update 1.9 is now live. The said update features the brand new tank hero Orisa and several tweaks on the current in-game heroes.


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