‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Latest Patch Expands Romance Options For Jaal, Scott Ryder, Other Male Characters

The details of the latest patch notes of Mass Effect: Andromeda will make big changes for its male characters, specifically Scott Ryder, Jaal, and the others. Apparently, BioWare plans to expand the romance options of the male characters of the game. What does expanding the romantic options mean?

BioWare Has Expanded Scott Ryder's Romantic Options

BioWare has recently revealed the details of the latest patch 1.08 notes of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Among the changes that will be made are the modifications on the dialog for NPC Hainly Abrams, the addition of 'experimental support for Dolby Vison HDR technology, improvement of the character creator, and the juiciest of all changes - the expanded male romantic options for Scott Ryder.

Scott Can Now Romance Jaal?

The latter update is a strange thing for Mass Effect: Andromeda although some gamers have been expecting such a thing as this for quite some time now owing to the pro-gay sentiment going around these days. It appears that this particular change will add another gay romance for Scott Ryder and Jaal, the alien super-hunk. BioWare believes that the fluidity by which the Angara regards sex is enough cause for the two to have some sort of a gay romantic relationship.

Here Are Some More Details On Mass Effect: Andromeda's Latest Patch Notes

The game publisher has not yet confirmed that release date of the latest patch 1.08 notes. But it has revealed enough details so that fans will be prepared for the upcoming changes it will introduce to Mass Effect: Andromeda. As have already been mentioned, the patch notes reveal that Jaal can now be romanced by Scott Ryder.

Other changes and additions in Mass Effect: Andromeda include a fix for the Nomad upgrades Shield Crafting quest issue, vendors can now carry weapon mods for Level 60-71 players, the plasma charge system can now work properly for shotguns, and vendors are now able to sell weapon augmentations for single-shot fire, burst fire, and automatic fire.

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