Horizon Zero Dawn’s Amazing Sales Performance Induces Sony To Change Its Plans?

By Joseph St. James. , Jun 08, 2017 09:20 AM EDT

Sony is apparently shifting its focus on digital distribution of its game titles. This was apparent in the company's recent developments and pronouncements. It seems that the amazing digital sales performance of Horizon Zero Dawn will have something to do with Sony's potential change of plans.

Sony's Eyes Are Being Opened To Digital Reality

The giant entertainment company has revealed that more than 25 percent of Horizon Zero Dawn's sales are in the form of digital copies, not hard disc copies. To Sony, that indicates a shift of focus on the part of the buyers. It seems that today's gamers are beginning to prefer digital versions instead of physical copies.

Is This A Game Changer?

If that is not a game changer, then what is? Therefore, Sony seems to be changing its focus with regards to the distribution of Horizon Zero Dawn as well as its long roster of game titles that it has been marketing all this while now.

Look at what Shawn Layden, Chief of Sony Interactive Entertainment America has to say: "This kind of shift changes everything." Layden admits that the sales experience of Horizon Zero Dawn is changing the publishing model of video games. How?

Smaller Players Can Now Compete Head-To-Head With The Biggies

The Sony chief admitted quite reticently (perhaps because of the implications of what he meant) that this situation enables smaller players (a number of Sony competitors are small and independent game developers) to market video games. In other words, they would cut into the income stream of the huge players in the gaming industry. Layden tries to qualify his statement by saying that this will affect DLC but it will really cause a huge impact.

Why Is Sony Offering Its Hardware And Titles At Give-Away Prices?

Is this the reason why Sony is now offering Horizon Zero Dawn, MLB: The Show and Nioh, all three titles, for a low, low price of only $39.99? And is this also the reason why Sony will kick of its event at E3 2017 with the promotional sale of the ritzy gold 1TB PS4 for a low price of only $249.99? Gamers must really be keen to be able to read between the lines.

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