Parasites From Cats Cause Health And Behavior Problems On Humans

By Lester , Oct 19, 2016 03:08 PM EDT

This single cell parasite known as "Toxoplasma Gondii" and is commonly transmitted from cats to humans through contact with cat feces can cause mild infections like a typical common flu. But when it strikes a weakened immune system, the result could be devastating as having a seizure or an acute lung problem.

Scientists have studied seven human behavior facts caused by Toxoplasma Gondii. They found out in their experiments that rats show fearlessness. Instead of their great dislike of the smell of cats' urine, they seem to be sexually attracted to it. And instead of avoiding it, they are drawn to it, leading them to their deaths.

Second, scientists found out that it's not only the cats and rats that host these parasites. It could also be found on any warm blooded mammal.

Third, other studies suggest that human behavior patterns may have been caused by T. Godii. As shown in rat experiments, when these parasites infect the brain cells, a high level of the neurotransmitter dopamine is released. This could display human behavior disorder like bipolar diseases connecting it to dopamine abnormalities; research in humans  suggested impulsivity leading to suicide.

Fourth, studies also showed that T.Godii parasite is a factor that cause schizophrenia. When a pregnant woman gets infected by this virus, it could pass to the unborn she's carrying and will cause a long-term mental disorder to the baby.

Fifth, Scientists also found out that T.Godii is incurable. Only prevention will save the infected when exposed to cat and rat feces. Sixth, researchers couldn't find a figure that half of the world is infected by these parasites. A simple blood test could determine the presence of infection.

Seventh, most of the time, infection to T.Godii goes unnoticed. It is fatal to those who has weakened immune system and has preexisting illnesses that ushers the hosting of this parasite. Most people infected wouldn't even know they have it.

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