Dota 2: New Skewer Bug Teleports Magnus And All Dragged Enemies Back To Fountain

It's safe to say that Dota 2 version 7.xx has seen a lot of bugs and glitches in the game and some of them are insanely broken that exploiting them would lead to a temporary ban on your account. We've covered a lot of bugs during the release of patch 7.00 and patch 7.01 but nothing comes close to this new bug that was just recently discovered by a player during one of his ranked matches. Here's the insane Skewer Teleport Bug in patch 7.01.

Dota 2 Skewer Bug

In the past, we've covered a couple of game-breaking bugs but nothing comes close to the recently discovered Magnus bug that basically teleports the hero as well as all of the dragged units towards the fountain - consequently guaranteeing a kill. The sad part of this bug is that, there's no way to fix the glitch ones it has been initiated. Moreover, the glitch can be exploited unlimited times until the game ends.

How To Do The Skewer Bug

In the video posted by Dota 2 Tips, the player can be seen doing an unusual routine prior to the Fountain Skewer Bug. According to the top comments, this bug isn't new and that it has been going for a couple of months now. The only reason why it wasn't detected was that, it necessitates a specific hero from the enemy team. Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Pick Magnus
Step 2: Enemy Player Must Pick Slark
Step 3: Buy TP Scroll
Step 4: Let Slark Pounce You
Step 5: Teleport To Fountain
Step 6: Skewer In The Fountain Right After A Successful Teleport

Once you completed the steps, everytime you use your skewer, you'll instantly be teleported to your fountain alongside the enemy heroes dragged by the ability. As of the time of this writing, this bug still works in the game but be wary of exploiting this as it may lead to a temporary ban on your account.

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