Dota 2 Tips and Tricks: How To Easily Get Moonshard For Free As Arc Warden

It appears that Valve devs will have their hands full even until the end of the year as the number of bugs being discovered grows every day - and one Arc Waden bug in particular, can be game-changing on its own. Here's the trick on how to get Moonshard for free as Arc Warden.

Arc Warden Tempest Double Bug

Now we all know that Arc Warden's ultimate, Tempest Double can use a variety of items on its inventory as part of the hero's arsenal. One of the popular items for the hero is bottle and Enchanted Mango. These items provide great value for the hero as it can basically give infinite mana to Arc Warden by simply using his ultimate and make it use its consumables onto the hero.

Now, this is where interesting part comes in. As you can see, Arc Warden's Tempest Double will duplicate the current items that the hero has worn upon cast. This includes the current quantity of consumables, cooldown, etc. Since Moonshard can be consumed, technically, his Tempest Double can use it, right? If so, then what better way to consume the Moonshard than to apply it to the original hero? You may have guessed it already but this is how Arc Warden actually gets his "free" Moonshard!

Free Moonshard Bug:
Save 4k gold
Purchase Moonshard
Cast Tempest Double
Sell Your (hero) Moonshard
Use the Moonshard from your Tempest Double and cast it unto you
Free Moonshard Buff!

Possible Fix

As you can remember, Arc Warden was severely broken during its first release as his Tempest Double can basically refresh any items including the dreaded Necronomicon, making the hero very great at pushing. One patch later, Valve decided to prevent refreshing the item and bound its cooldown to illusion's timer - not to the main hero.

Now, the possible fix for the bug is to bound the Moonshard onto the hero which means that once Arc Warden sold the item, the corresponding duplicate will also disappear on the illusion's inventory. The other possible fix is to make Moonshard unusable on Arc Warden's Tempest Double.

What do you think of this game-changing bug? Will it affect the meta now that Arc Warden is available in Captains Mode? Share your opinion in the comments down below!

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