Dota 2 News: Watch This Bug That S4 Found Out During A Competitive Match

By K.C , Dec 17, 2016 04:40 AM EST

Patch 7.00 has just been live for roughly a week now but competitive matches are starting to sprout here and there - despite the current instability of the game. And one competitive match just saw a game-breaking bug at the hands of S4.

OG vs EPG: BO5 European Qualifier Match

On the second game of BO5 European Qualifier match between OG and EPG, the game was paused momentarily due to some technical issues. EPG was clearly ahead both in terms of net worth and gold when the game was suddenly paused. While the commentators were discussing about the possible comebacks for OG, Rime, one of the casters, noticed that S4's Midas (which was on his backpack) was ticking its cooldown. At first, both casters thought that it's a replay bug and just waited for the paused to be undone.

But to their surprise, S4 managed to use his Midas after the pause which should've been at 80 second timer right at the beginning of the pause. It was later revealed on the Twitch chat that this is indeed a bug and that's been exploited by some players during pause.

The Cooldown Bug

One player on Reddit pointed out that the bug affects not only Midas but virtually all items that have cooldown in the game (e.g. Boots of Travel, Dagon, Refresher, etc.). Basically, in order for the bug to take effect, you need to put any item that's on CD on your backpack for a random amount of time (unspecified and varies with items), and then pause the game. For some reason, the cd timer bypasses the pause which you can see on this video.

What do you think of the recent bugs in patch 7.00? Is Valve quick enough to fix the recent glitches? Should competitive tournaments be put on hold until the map stabilizes? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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