Dota 2: You'll Likely To Win When You're On The Radiant Side

Are you losing too much of your games with the recent patch update? Well it's probably because you're on the Dire side! New statistics revealed that across all MMR bracket and virtually all heroes in the game, being on the Radiant side nets you a higher winning percentage than begin on the Dire side. Read the full story below.

Dota 2: Radiant vs Dire

For over a month of venturing the new world of version 7.xx, players have had numerous ups and downs throughout the journey. Albeit losing stems from a myriad of reasons, there is one prevailing factor that affects the game as a whole and that is - the strategic advantage of the Radiant side as opposed to its counterpart, the Dire. And new data reveals how much of an advantage does the Radiant possess over the latter.

According to the statistician, host and Dota 2 analyst Alan "Nahaz" Bester, every single hero in every single skill bracket has a higher win rate on Radiant than on the Dire by almost 5%. This number is staggering considering the fact that this is the first confirmed survey to have shown the disparity between the strategic advantage between the two opposing sides.

Back when the Roshan pit was severely favorable on the Dire Side (Early 6.xx version), it still hadn't resulted in much difference when it comes to the overall outcome of the game. But today, it appears that not only did the Dire lost the Roshan dvantage of the game, it is now even more favorable on the Radiant side to the point that all of the heroes get a higher winning percentage by simply being played on this side of the map.

What Went Wrong?

One of the main reasons stems from the fact that Radiant has an easier access and vantage point over the Roshan pit. By simply teleporting to the closest Shrine, players can easily gain access to a high ground advantage which makes it easier to contest the Aegis of Immortality - creating some kind of panic or flight-and-fight response to the opposing side. Moreover, they can easily TP out and return back to the fight without much of a hassle since the Rosh pit is a lot closer to the left side of the map.

Another reason could be the well-placed neutral camps which make it a lot easier for supports to do double pulls and stacks. Accessing the entire Radiant jungle feels a lot easier than that of Dire as well as you wouldn't have to go through a zig-zag like pattern when clearing the entire camps.

So now that Radiant is more favorable than Dire, should we start blaming our loses on our team's disposition? Well, it all still boils down on how you perform during the entire course of the game and most importantly, the crucial decision making you do that turn the whole game around. The Radiant simply gives a strategic advantage on some occasions but it isn't that much of a game-breaking deal as compared to the advantage that the Dire had way back during early days of Dota.

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