Meet Newbee.Boss.Axx The Potential First Female Dota 2 Player To Compete On A Dota 2 LAN Tournament

Have you ever thought about having a female Dota 2 player on a premiere LAN tournament? Well, your dreams may finally come true as the new Newbee team has acquired the best female talent in China to compete on the upcoming Kiev Major. Meet Axx, Newbiee.Boss offlaner and aspiring female Dota 2 pro player.


Newbie.Boss is the newly established Chinese formed by prominent Chinese super stars including Zhang "xiao8" Ning, Luo "Ferrari_430" Feichi, Wong "ChuaN" Hock Chuan, Zei9 (owner of Newbie) and the rising female Chinese superstar, Axx. The announcement came as a shock following the retirement of xiao8 which saw the player's release from LGD.Forever Young.

Not only does the newly formed team looks enthralling, Newbee.Boss also saw the comeback of one of the best Chinese mid laners , Ferrarri_430 and his former colleague, ChuaN. But what's even more surprising is the fact that the owner of the organization is also partaking on the upcoming tournament as well as the potential first female Dota 2 pro player on a premiere LAN event.

Not much is known for Axx aside from her dotabuff that reveals her staggering 7180 MMR. However, she's well known for her wide array of hero pool including Alchemist, Invoker, Shadow Fiend, Lone Druid and TA - to which she had the highest win rate so far.

First Female Dota 2 Player On A Premier LAN Tournament

If Newbee.Boss gets pass on the China Regional Qualifiers, Axx would be the first female Dota 2 player to compete in a premiere LAN tournament. For a long while now, many players have been dreaming of seeing a female super star on one of the grandest stages of Valve events but until today, we have yet to have one which could explain the reason for this team's spiked in popularity. You can check out one of her competitive games in the video down below.

Do you think Newbee.Boss will create a stir on the upcoming Chinese Regional Qualifiers? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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