Dota 2: When Is Juggernaut's Arcana Going To Be Released?

By K.C , Jan 21, 2017 04:20 AM EST

One of the most anticipated update in Dota 2 is the release of Juggernaut's Arcana which had been the major concern for most players considering the time that has lapsed since being voted to obtain the next Arcana item last International 2016. For a long while, neither the developers nor the personalities affiliated with Valve has announced the release of the item. So when exactly is Juggernaut's Arcana going to be release? 

Dota 2: Juggernaut's Arcana Release Date

D2.Tan from the steamcommunity has previously shared his insights and predictions about the upcoming Juggernaut Arcana. At first, many were speculating, including him, that Juggernaut's Arcana will be released alongside Monkey King's debut. But upon the introduction of version 7.xx, only Monkey King's Arcana was made available to the public. Days passed by and players are wondering if Juggernaut's arcana would be released at the end of the month, considering that Valve once pulled off a release of two Arcanas in the same month.

Way back in TI4, Techies debut with its own Arcana and a week later, Shadow Fiend's Arcana was released as well. But until today, news about Juggernaut's Arcana had been elusively scarce. So here comes the continuation of D2.Tan's theory. Last November 2016, Valve announced that they will be accepting submissions for the Lunar Festival which gives the impression that Valve will be hosting another New Bloom event for 2017.

Crystal Maiden's Arcana was released within the duration of the New Bloom's Event (February 9, 2016). Could Valve potentially pull out another New Bloom Arcana release? It's highly likely considering that the developers already have a sufficient amount of time to create and prepare the hero's Arcana given the distance of the release of patch 7.00 and the Chinese Lunar Festival.

D2.Tan alongside many players from Reddit already hope for the release of Juggernaut's Arcana during this time. To give players a rough date, New Bloom starts at January 28th. If Valve is releasing Juggernaut's Arcana then it's highly likely that it'll come together with a major Dota 2 event.

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