Is Microsoft Developing A Game Similar To Horizon Zero Dawn?

By Joseph St. James. , Jun 19, 2017 07:20 AM EDT

Microsoft seems to be creating a video game similar to Horizon Zero Dawn. A job posting unearthed from LinkedIn indicates that this is likely a possibility. The date of the original posting was two months ago. So, whatever is being done by those accepted for the job must have been already well on its way.

This Is The Premise For The Rumors

The conjecture that Microsoft is working on a game similar to Horizon Zero Dawn is due to the fact that this game is well-received by PlayStation 4 owners. However, since HZD is exclusively a Sony title, Xbox One and PC owners were left out and were never able to enjoy it. Ergo, Microsoft is creating a similar video game to satisfy the cries of its loyal supporters.

Microsoft even claimed that it will have a big announcement at E3 2017. Its supporters were expecting an announcement about a game similar to Horizon Zero Dawn. But an announcement for an AAA title never happened.

This Job Posting Might Have Sparked The Rumors

The particular LinkedIn job posting requested qualified game developers to apply for the position of Lead Environment Artist. This sparked the rumors that Microsoft actually wants to develop a game similar to Horizon Zero Dawn. For the uninitiated, developing a new game similar to an already existing video game is not necessarily a wrong practice in the gaming industry.

Sony Did The Same Thing Before

There is a report indicating that Sony did this exact thing before. In the early 2000s, it launched KillZone. This video game was supposed to be Sony's answer to Halo which is a video game developed by Bungie. KZ was developed by the same studio that created Horizon Zero Dawn.

Keen observers in the gaming industry believe that the job listing was posted by a G3D recruiter. The requirements indicate it as such since he is inviting game developers for clients like Sony and Activision. In addition, there are rumors that Sony has already signed deals for projects to be completed in two to three years. Microsoft's video game similar to Horizon Zero Dawn could be one of these projects.

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