This Guy Played Overwatch In A Whole New Level

Remember that guy who took things to another level when playing Hanzo in Overwatch? Well, he has once again shown the community another trick -- one that's quite amusing and funny. Why? Because this time, he's using a microwave. Yes, that's right -- he's playing Blizzard's hit title by using a home appliance. Think about creativeness, eh?

As previously reported here at iTech Post, the well-known Twitch streamer Rudeism (a.k.a Dylan) played the aforementioned Overwatch hero using a Nerf bow. And by the looks of his face, one can tell that he's totally digging it. Now, he's in for another show.

This Overwatch player -- who hails from New Zealand -- has recently uploaded a video to the online streaming site. With a few tricks or so, he has configured the overall gameplay of the game. Using a microwave, Dylan showcased his skills and, well, humor.

Call it "Microwatch or Overwave" (thanks to a follower in the video's comment section), it's Overwatch game played using the said home appliance. If there's one question that Dylan can't answer, it's why he had to play the game using it. Regardless, he helped his team snatch the big W.

It's worth noting that Rudeism's skills aren't just confined to the four corners of Overwatch. According to Polygon, he once used a guitar as his controller for Rocket League. Heck, he even went to using a dance pad (yes, a dance pad!) while playing another popular title called Dark Souls 3. It's safe to say that his guy has a bag full of tricks. And it wouldn't really be a surprise if he can come up with another mind-blowing show.

For interested players who want to learn the way to playing Overwatch using microwave, better check his video (embedded below). Note: Remember to ask for permission from your parents first. You wouldn't want to get reprimanded when things go a little bit murky. Or better yet, ask Dylan for some tips!

What are your thoughts on Overwatch being played using a microwave? Have you also tried to make a trick of your own? Share us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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