Dota 2: Here's Why Radiant Has A Lot Of Advantage Than The Dire

By K.C , Jan 25, 2017 04:00 AM EST

Dota 2 is a game that constantly evolves as it treads through time. By the end of 2016 and after almost a decade of existence, version 7.xx was introduced to the world and with it, comes the rise of new challenges that players have never seen before. For a long while now, Dire has always been assumed to have the most advantageous spot as this side always have had the vantage point over Roshan. But in patch 7.00, Roshan was relocated on the opposite side of the map where the Radiant now has advantage over. This and a couple of other facts are what inadvertently affect the outcome of most games.

Dota 2: Radiant vs Dire

For the entire 6.xx version, Dire is the most preferred spot as their side always have the Roshan advantage as compared to the Radiant side. Furthermore, Dire has quite a symmetrical pattern with their jungle camps, giving a strategic edge to the cores of the team. But following the release of version 7.xx, the entire map has undergone through a major overhaul, not only did the Roshan was relocated, but major rework was done on the existing and new jungle camps.

The change was pretty significant that there's already a huge disparity between the Dire and the Radiant when it comes to win rate. As reported by iTechpost, all of the heroes across all MMR brackets (1k-5k MMR) now have 5% or more win rates when played in Radiant than in the Dire. Here are the possible reasons why:

Roshan Vantage Point

One of the reasons why Radiant is now more favorable is because of its strategic advantage over the Roshan pit. The Radiant can easily gain access to the Rosh pit via the nearest Shrine and even has a great high-ground spot ideal for team fights.

Neutral Camps

Pulling in Radiant is a lot easier now. There's also a total of three pulling spots in the Radiant safe lane which makes offlaning in the Dire a lot harder now. Moreover, the Radiant has a better jungle area overall as smoke ganking can easily be punished over Radiant's strategic high ground spots.

Tier 1 Towers

Teleporting on the Radiant's tier 1 towers can easily be cloaked by the nearby trees, paving the way for a great window of opportunity for flanks, ganks and whatnot. In contrary, teleporting in the Dire tier 1 structures leave the hero wide open and can also easily be spotted by an observer ward. Even teleporting in the tier 1 tower of the Dire's mid lane can show the teleporting animation of the hero.

To view the entire version 7.xx statistics, check out the dotabuff statistics here. Check back for more Dota 2 news.

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