System76 Launch Mechanical Keyboard: How to Download the Open-Source Design Layout Files Online

System76 Launch Mechanical Keyboard: How to Download the Open-Source Design Layout Files Online (Photo : Screenshot From Keyboard-Layout-Editor Website)

System76 is known as a particular computer manufacturer popular for selling certain machines which mostly run Linux. The company had recently unveiled surprising complete sources for their very own forthcoming Launch mechanical keyboard!

Download Launch mechanical keyboard design

The upcoming mechanical keyboard made with some familiar tools, being mass produced, and also backed by a solid company makes the Launch mechanical keyboard look like a pretty compelling entrant into the whole world of mechanical keyboards. The Launch mechanical keyboard was reportedly uploaded to Github.

Back in March 2020, the company System76 had published a new blog post regarding the new project that they were reportedly going to embark on. This was a new mechanical keyboard that reportedly had quite an unusual layout. During that time, there was still little to no information that was available aside from the summer 2021 target. It was also reportedly heard of very scarcely until some time last week when they finally opened up access towards the Launch repository.

System76 mechanical keyboard design

Everything should then be recognizable for people who have reportedly looked at different sources for a particular mechanical keyboard before. Electrical sources are reportedly authored along with KiCad and also should be easily able to tweak or even fabricate. The said mechanical components are then provided in certain STEP files along with some mechanical drawings, presumably due to them intending to actually manufacture the keyboard.

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According to an article by Hackaday, when it comes to features, all of the usual hallmarks of the said well designed keyboard are included. The Launch reportedly uses the hostswap socket in order to make it easier to install the said Cherry MX compatible switch options. This also includes the per-key RGB blacklight as courtesy of the said SK6805 LEDs.

System76 Launch mechanical keyboard

The ATmega32U4 reportedly runs the said popular as well as extremely capable QMK firmware instead of something that is bespoken, so it would be really easy to customize depending on the user's desire. The new System76 actually uses an unusual key layout. However, for those that have already seen a 75% keyboard, it shouldn't really be too threatening.

The reportedly unusual feature that it includes is the USB hub which is capable of full speed 10 gigabit USB 3.1 Gen 2 on just two USB-C as well as two USB-A ports. It's also worth checking out the whole schematic in order to appreciate just how much more the reportedly complicated the actual hub design is compared to the rest of the keyboard, which can be quite vestigial in comparison.

What remains unknown, however, is still how the actual Launch mechanical keyboard would integrate along with Pop!_OS which is System76's somewhat awkwardly named remix of the known Ubuntu. They had still, however, promised the deep and compelling integration so it would be quite exciting to see what System76's final product would look like or better yet, feel like.

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