Galaxy Unpacked August 2020: Livestream

5 New Samsung Devices Unveiled at First-Ever Virtual Event: Galaxy Unpacked Livestream [WATCH]

Samsung hosted its first-ever Galaxy Unpacked virtual event via live streaming to unveil five new devices in its ecosystem.

by Grace Stewart

Android OS Is Better Than IOS

5 Reasons Why Android OS Is Better Than IOS

Apple and Google will always have its patrons. But for those who simply want a device that suits their needs the choice between an Android device or an iOS device can be a difficult one. Let's make it easier for you: Android

by Staff Reporter

These Are Best Work Laptop Brands Not Made in China [July 2020]

These Are Best Work Laptop Brands Not Made in China [July 2020]

In search of your next work laptop as you shift to working from home? While you consider different specs that will be important to your needs, the current trade war between the United States and China has made some users are considering devices not made in the Middle Kingdom. Here are a few choices of the best so far.

by Staff Reporter

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Check Out The Latest 'Leaked' Samsung Gadgets: Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Earbuds

The stars of Samsung's August 5 Unpacked event will undoubtedly be the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

by Casey Q.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Check Out The Rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Its Price and Specs

Although the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was accidentally leaked a few days ago by Samsung Russia that was noted by Max Weinbach, it looks like that the new phone has been confirmed and will make its debut on August 5.

by CaseQ.

Ever Experienced the Green Screen on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9? You are Not the Only One!

Experiencing a Green Screen on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9? You're Not Alone

Here are a few other problems Samsung is experiencing.

by Urian

Samsung DVD-C450K

Samsung Blu-ray DVD Player Malfunctions: Causes and Troubleshoot

There have been already been multiple reports from users saying that there have been technical issues.

by Casey Q.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

A Leaked Image Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Shows An Amazing Yet Annoying Feature

This leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 was a shock to many people as it revealed that it would have a feature that would be useful for many. But it also showed that there was a flaw in its design.

by Jared N.

Samsung Galaxy A90

[Rumor] Samsung Budget Galaxy A Phone Series Will Soon Get Wireless Charging: Here's Why

Samsung's Galaxy A71 and A51 are finally gaining the capability to be charged wirelessly. Is this a good idea or a bad idea? If true, why did the tech giant decided to do so now and not earlier?

by Jared N.

Galaxy Note 20 Plus render

Samsung Has Revealed Amazing Upgrades To The Galaxy S20 Series

Samsung released some teasers of two big upgrades to the Galaxy S20 series. Will they be a big success or a big failure? How much would they cost?

by Jared N.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 concept

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20's Exynos 922 Will Have The Newest CPU and GPU Designs From ARM

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 20 looks like it will have the latest designs from ARM integrated into it. What does this mean for consumers?

by Jared N.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 20 May Disappoint With Weaker Features But Significantly Higher Price than Entry-Level iPhone 12

New Samsung Galaxy Note 20 May Disappoint With Weaker Features at Higher Price than iPhone 12

Aspiring to own Samsung Galaxy Note 20? Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants just revealed the android's design not supportive of a high refresh rate display and costlier than entry-level iPhone 12!

by Staff Reporter

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charger Stand

Wireless Is The Way To Go And These Chargers Are The Best Of The Bunch

Charge up and free up your devices with these best wireless chargers available on Amazon that were made to be efficient in both cost and output.

by Renz

Mirrorless Camera Market Crashing

A Massive Fall: Mirrorless Camera Experience Popularity Crash As Sales Plummet by up to 50% Amid Quarantine

The mirrorless camera market is plummeting and may see the end of its era if competition continues to grow

by Renz

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