Paper-Based Electronic Interface

Purdue Engineers Developed Paper-Based Electronic Interface

In the future, we could be using paper-based electronic interfaces as remote controllers or keyboards. Well, that is not far fetched as proven by a group of researchers from Purdue Univesity.

by Hanna S.

Solar-Panel Bed Cover Boost Renewable Energy Use in Pick-Up Trucks

Solar-Panel Bed Cover Boosts Renewable Energy Use in Pick-Up Trucks

Worksport brings you this solar-panel bed cover for light-duty pickup trucks. It'll provide users with a meaningful energy source minus the carbon footprint.

by Hanna S.

UCL researchers achieved record-breaking internet speed

UCL Researchers Achieved Record-Breaking Internet Speed

University College London researchers have set a new world record internet speed. That record is one-fifth faster than the record previously held by Japan.

by Hanna S.

Solar Energy Trade

Solar Energy Trading Platform Being Developed by Singapore Start-Up Company

An electric company in Singapore spearheaded a solar energy trading platform that allows communities to buy and sell affordable power supply.

by Jerome V.

Beirut explosion

Devastation Caused by the Beirut Explosion Seen From Satellite Images

Before and after satellite photos shared on social media reveal the devastation caused by the massive explosion that tore through the Lebanese capital of Beirut last August 4, 2020.

by Grace Stewart

FILE PHOTO: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un salutes as an honour guard march past as he and his aunt Kim Kyong Hui, Premier Pak Pong Ju attend the opening ceremony of the Cemetery of Fallen Fighters of the Korean People's Army (KPA) in Pyongyang

Kim Jong Un Not Dead: North Korea's Dictator Attends Fertilizer Plant Ceremony that Could Fuel the Country's Nuclear Power

The dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has suddenly shown up at a fertilizer plant ceremony putting rumors of his death to rest.

by Urian

ITER Tokamak

Nuclear Hibernation: Fusion Reactor Collects Heat As It Sleeps And Becomes Ready To Wake Up After 30 Years

Could Nuclear Fusion provide the much-coveted unlimited artificial energy source the world sorely needs? The ITER might be the answer to the age-old question

by Renz

Temperatur Changing Smart Fabric Can Adapt to Both Hot and Cold: Scientists Points They can be Mass Produced

[Future of Fashion] Cold or Hot? New Fabric Adapts to Whatever Weather

A recent project has resulted in the invention of a certain smart fabric that can actually change from hot to cold and even vice-versa!

by Urian

The National Grid Puts Pandemic Plan Into Effect: Here's How They Plan To Deal With Power Outages

How the National Grid Plans to Solve the Power Outages Amidst Coronavirus

The National Grid has already devised a pandemic plan amidst the coronavirus. Here's how they plan to solve the power outages.

by Urian

NASA dreams big with space studies

NASA Program To Utilize $7M In Funding Research, From Stronger Spacecraft To Landing Humans On Mars - What They Have Planned Will Blow You Away

NASA looks to increase our capabilities with studies to find out more about space and its cosmic inhabitants

by Renz


New Flame Retardants, Old Problems

Replacement flame retardants present serious risks, caution scientists

by Staff Reporter

person wearing red hoodie

Electric Cloth

Flexible, wearable supercapacitors based on porous nanocarbon nanocomposites

by Staff Reporter

CAD schematic

Experiment Measures Velocity in 3D

Many of today's scientific processes are simulated using computer-driven mathematical models. But for a model to accurately predict how airflow behaves at high speeds, for example, scientists need supplemental real-life data. Providing validation data, using up-to-date methods, was a key motivating factor for a recent experimental study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

by Staff Reporter

Superpositioned Qubit

Johns Hopkins Researchers Discover Material That Could Someday Power Quantum Computer

Quantum computers with the ability to perform complex calculations, encrypt data more securely and more quickly predict the spread of viruses, may be within closer reach thanks to a new discovery by Johns Hopkins researchers.

by Staff Reporter

SNS Nanobolometer

Radiation Detector with the Lowest Noise in the World Boosts Quantum Work

The nanoscale radiation detector is a hundred times faster than its predecessors and can function without interruption.

by Staff Reporter

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