[Animal Cruelty] Niece Claims Netflix's Tiger King

[Animal Cruelty] Netflix's Tiger King "Joe Exotic" Allegedly Sells Frozen Cubs According to Niece

A new Netflix documentary has just recently been released called Tiger King and its star "Joe Exotic" is faced with accusations from his niece for freezing and selling dead cubs to taxidermists!

by Urian

Ever Noticed The Facebook Android App Switched To The Bottom? Want To Know Why?

Facebook Android App Switched Features To The Bottom Of The Screen: Why!?

Ever wondered why Facebook has decided to switch its features to the bottom side of the screen?

by Urian

[COVID-19 FAKE NEWS] No More Viral Messages: WhatsApp Stops Circulating Messages Altogether

[COVID-19 ] WhatsApp Stops Fake Viral Messages: Users Can't Circulate Messages Altogether Anymore

WhatsApp has decided to limit the number of times a message can be forwarded in hopes of limiting the amount of fake news being circulated. Will this method be effective?

by Urian

[TikTok Video] Coronavirus Doctors Dance Amidst Pandemic

[Tiktok Video] Dancing Doctor's "Coronavirus Dance Moves" Catches Janet Jackson's Attention

A doctor has decided to shed some light amidst the virus by showing off his moves on TikTok!

by Urian

Never Open Your Browser For Facebook Messenger Again: Windows And Mac Desktop App With Video Chat Is Finally Here!

No More Browser For Facebook Messenger: Windows and Mac Desktop App With Video Chat Is Here!

Facebook has just recently announced that the Facebook Messenger app for both Windows and Mac is finally here!

by Urian

Troll Says "Alcohol is so good" While Attacking Zoom Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

due to Zoom's recent security breaches, trolls have been preying on a different variety of meetings such as the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on Zoom saying distracting comments in an attempt to cause a ruckus.

by Urian

[Amazon Music Unlimited] How to Get Free Music for 90 Days on

How to Get Free Music for 90 Days:'s Amazon Music Unlimited has decided to offer Amazon Music Unlimited for free to new users for 90 days!

by Urian

FILE PHOTO: A TikTok logo is displayed on a smartphone in this illustration

YouTube Plans to Counter TikTok With Their Upcoming 'Shorts' Launching At The End of 2020

YouTube has recently revealed their plans to compete with TikTok through their very own 'Shorts' which is said to be launching at the end of 2020.

by Urian

$135 COVID-19 Fake Vaccines Sold On YouTube! DCA And CSW Are Now On The Hunt!

Fake COVID-19 Vaccines Sold At $135 Found On YouTube! DCA and CSW Are Now Moving

The DCA and CSW have recently found out that fake coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are being sold on YouTube even amounting to $135 each!

by Urian

COVID-19 Tracing App Could Save Lives After the Lockdown According to Scientists

COVID-19 Tracing App: The Key to Surviving the Pandemic After the Lockdown According to Scientists

Scientists think that the best way for people to be able to survive the pandemic after the lockdown would be to make use of COVID-19 Tracing Apps. How soon will the public be able to use these?

by Urian

The Potato Microsoft Teams Mishap: Hilarious Boss Can’t Get Rid of Her Filter During a Video Meeting!

The Potato Microsoft Teams Incident: Boss Can't Get Rid of Potato Filter During a Video Meeting! Everyone Decided to Just Go With It

A recent Microsoft Teams incident has happened where a particular boss accidentally turned the potato filter on and was not able to turn it off staying the entire meeting!

by Urian

Zoom is Compromised! Could Google Hangouts Meets Be Better?

Google Hangouts Meets or Zoom? After Zoom Recently Sued, Can It Be Trusted?

Zoom has just recently been sued for leaking the personal data of its users to Facebook, which begs the question, could Google Hangouts Meets be more reliable?

by Urian

Small toy figures are seen in front of diplayed Zoom logo

[Lawsuit] Zoom Sued for Allegedly Leaking User Data to Facebook: Appla Mac Users May Be Compromised

Zoom has allegedly leaked out some sensitive personal data to Facebook due to misleading claims when it comes to security and privacy.

by Urian

The Pros and Cons of Using Dating Sites and Dating Apps

The Pros and Cons of Using Dating Sites and Dating Apps

Online dating is a growing trend with a large majority of people trying it to find a partner using the internet. With some quality sites such as, singles can now find romance by seeking men, women, bisexuals, matures, sugar daddies and mommies and anyone else with what turns them on.

by Eric Hamilton

Using Health, Insurance, and Fitness Apps to Your Advantage

Using Health, Insurance, and Fitness Apps to Your Advantage

Applications for your computer and phone are all here to stay, especially when it comes to buying insurance, staying fit, and maintaining optimum health. Here's a quick rundown of what to look for when purchasing some of the most popular products out there.

by Staff Reporter

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