Back to the Past with Hero8 as GoPro Turns it into a $249 Webcam!

Back to the Past With Hero8 As GoPro Turns It Into a $249 Webcam!

What's going on with the Hero8 GoPro?

by Urian

Best Cameras for Computers: Simple Recording for Streaming and Content Creation

Best Cameras for Computers: Proper Recording for Creating Content and Streaming

For those new to content creation and streaming, these might be the best cameras for you.

by Urian

Vlogger Essentials: Why do You Need the Sony ZV-1?

Why Vloggers Need the Sony ZV-1

The new Sony ZV-1 is crafted perfectly for bloggers. If you're planning to jumpstart your career as a vlogger and want the right equipment, read more.

by Urian

Beginner Driving Hacks: Dashcams for Better Visibility

Beginner Driving Tools: Dashcam Visual Aid

A dashcam could really come in handy if you are not yet an experienced driver. Check out these dashcams to give you a competitive advantage.

by Urian

Miss Going to the Movies? Why Not Make Your Own Home Theater? All it Takes is a Simple Mini Projector

Miss the Movies? Make Your Own Home Theater with Just a Mini Projector!

Since going to the movies is quite impossible nowadays, why not set up your own home theater? All it takes is a simple mini projector you can buy on Amazon!

by Urian

Mom's Guide to Achieving the Perfect Baby Photography: Best Cameras to Use

Baby Photography: A Mom's Best Friend is Her Camera

If you're wondering how to achieve the best baby photography, here are a few tips that can help along with the right swift equipment.

by Urian

[Photography Essentials] Mobile Tripod Versus Heavy Duty Tripod: Picking Out the Perfect Fit for You

Mobile Tripod Vs. Heavy Duty Tripod: How to Pick Out the Perfect Fit for You

Picking out the perfect tripod is not that hard but also has to be thought of thoroughly since there are still a few factors that have to be considered.

by Urian

DJI Mavic Air 2 Releases This May At Just $799! Learn More About This Unmanned Aerial Vehicle From Drone Camera Specs to Much More

$799 for a Longer-Lasting DJI Mavic Air 2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Drone Camera Specs and More

A new longer-lasting drone comes out by DJI and it's called the Mavic Air 2! This unmanned aerial vehicle sells at just $799! Check out the camera specs and more.

by Urian

Safeguard Your Family with the Best: Wireless Home Security Cameras for the Safety of Your Family

Don't Take Any Chances: Wireless Home Security Cameras for the Safety of Your Family

Although the chances of infiltration are fairly slim, it is still very important that you safeguard your family with all you've got! Here are a few wireless home security cameras that could help you.

by Urian

[Reddit Post] Star Wars Wedding Photography: Wife Uses

Star Wars Wedding: Wife Uses "The Force" in an Epic Photo! Here's How to do the Levitation Photography Trick

A recent post on Reddit shows a wife using "the force" on a group of groomsmen in an epic wedding photography picture. Here's how to do the Star Wars levitation photography technique.

by Urian

[VIDEO] Curious What Getting Melted by Lava Look Like? GoPro Brings Back Amazing Footage After Surviving

[VIDEO] What does Getting Melted by Lava Look Like? GoPro that Survived Brings Back Amazing Footage

WATCH! If you're curious as to what getting melted by Lava looks like, a GoPro that survived being engulfed might be able to give you answers!

by Urian

Budget Phones with HDR: Google Is Bringing The Heat With Its Android Go Phones

Android Go Phones and HDR? Google Could Possibly Make This Happen!

Google has decided to put the HDR feature in the new Android Go Phones as a big step for budget phones in general. What could the future of budget phones be like?

by Urian

Vlogging Essentials: Pick Out the Best Camera for Your Career

Vlogging Essentials: Which Begginer Camera Is Best For You?

If you've thought about building a blogging career, you might want to get yourself a good camera to kickstart your career. Here are a few cameras that work splendidly.

by Urian

Insta360 Air vs Ricoh Theta S: 360 Camera Shootout

Insta360 Air vs Ricoh Theta S: Camera Shootout

The Ricoh Theta S and the Insta360 are two of the better 360 cameras around.

by Edge Ison

Samsung Gear 360 Is The World's Most Adorable Device

Samsung Gear 360: World's Cutest Gadget Has Big Exciting Features

Meet the world's cutest camera in the form of Samsung Gear 360. The second-generation of the company's camera improves on its predecessor in numerous exciting ways.

by Donna Bellevue

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