Chrome on a smartphone

Chrome on Android Will Receive a New Feature Where You Can Save Downloads for Later

Want to download something later on your Android device's Google Chrome browser? Well, that feature is in testing, which means it will be coming to your device soon!

by Jared N.

Android OS Is Better Than IOS

5 Reasons Why Android OS Is Better Than IOS

Apple and Google will always have its patrons. But for those who simply want a device that suits their needs the choice between an Android device or an iOS device can be a difficult one. Let's make it easier for you: Android

by Staff Reporter


Android Users Now Have Dark Mode in G Suite Apps: Here's How to Enable It And Why It's Important

Have you wanted to have night mode on the G Suite apps? Look no further, dark mode is now coming to the G Suite apps on Android! Here's how you can enable it and why you need it.

by Jared N.

[New Feature] Google Chrome Android Adds New Automatic Dictionary: Here's How to Use it

[New Feature] Android Google Chrome Adds an Automatic Dictionary : Here's How to Use it

Learn how to use Google's latest feature that gives automatic definition with a single tap.

by Urian

Learn How to Activate Dark Mode for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

How to Activate Dark Mode for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

The new dark mode for Google docs, sheets, and slides is coming soon. Learn how to activate it!

by Urian

Depiction of a hacker

Google Confirms Malicious Chrome Extensions With 30M Downloads That Steal User Data

Numerous Google Chrome extensions have been discovered to be stealing data of its users. If you've used any of them, it would be best if you secured your accounts.

by Jared N.

Google Chrome

Chrome Users Watch Out! Google Confirmed Serious New Issues With Windows 10 Release: Here's How to Fix

Google Chrome is considered one of the most popular browsers that people use next to Safari and up-and-coming Microsoft Edge. But with the release of the Windows 10 May 2020 Feature Update comes also a number of problems and issues as well.

by CaseQ.

Google Home on a table

Google's New Smart Home Speaker 'Prince' Is Coming Soon: Price, Specs, and All the Details You Need to Know

It seems like Google is planning to release their next generation of smart home speakers soon, which they have codenamed Prince.

by Jared N.

Google Maps

Google Maps Tools Can Pave Way to New Pokemon Go-like Game Developers: Here's How

Google launched Google Maps Platforms back in March 2018, it wasn't publicly available as only a limited number of studios were given access.

by CaseQ.

Chrome on a smartphone

Why Is Google Chrome Planning To Hide Full URLs In The Address Bar?

Google is planning to hide full URLs in Chrome's address bar. What's the point of hiding them?

by Jared N.

Google Duo

Google Duo Beginner's Guide: How to Invite People Using Links

today's technology has allowed us to keep in touch with our friends and loved ones. This pandemic has seen an increase in downloads for video call applications such as Zoom or Skype. And now, Google is joining the fray.

by CaseQ.

The Internship (2013)

Google Virtual Internship 2020: How to Become an Intern

WIth the recent announcement made by Google to carry on with their summer internships, don't we ever stop to wonder and think what it is like to work for the biggest tech companies of the world?

by CaseQ.

An Android phone in the dark

Google Reveals That Suspicious Apps Can Bypass Anti-Adware Security And Cause Ads To Flood Your Phone

Multiple reports of malicious apps on the Android's Play Store has had Google removing numerous programs that were said to overload a user's device.

by Jared N.

Files by Google has a New Safe Folder that Helps You Hide and Encrypt Your... Dirty Collection

Files by Google Finally Gets a Safe Folder Specifically for Your... Dirty Collection

A new safe folder has been created by Files by Google which can be used as your own private porn folder.

by Urian

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Incognito User? You May be Eligible for a $5000 Payout: Here's How

Just as Internet browsers make life easier to search and browse whatever content we want, Google and other tech media giants fail to inform us that they are watching us and exploiting our data as well.

by Casey Q.

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