Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Game Releases a Season Pass, a Week After It Was Launched

The anime RPG Fairy Tail from Koei Tecmo has just released a season pass that will release additional characters and content into the game, just a week after it was launched.

by Grace Stewart

Something is Surely Brewing Within Destiny 2

Something is Surely Brewing Within Destiny 2

How are you keeping on? There's a whole lot of content in the game and even though some of it is going away, the great variety won't go anywhere. On top of that, new stuff will be added and the huge add-on announced not that long ago kind of gives you hint about that. If you've played this game long enough, then you know you can't have everything, but what if there was a way? Of course, we're talking about Destiny 2 boosting. But it's not just good for herding some items. Our services can be used for any in-game goal, small or big.

by Eric Hamilton

Apex Legends Starting Characters Guide

Apex Legends Starting Characters Guide

With 13 characters available to play on Apex Legends, how can you know which ones best match your playstyle?

by Staff Reporter

Vanessa from Cytus II

‘Cytus II’ Taken Down in China Due to a Composer’s Song Containing Hidden Pro-Hong Kong Morse Code Message

The mobile rhythm game Cytus II has been taken off Chinese app stores due to a composer that made songs for the game hiding a pro-Hong Kong message in morse code in one of his personal songs.

by Jared N.

Fate/EXTRA Record official art

Fate/EXTRA Is Getting A Remake That's Called Fate/EXTRA Record

It looks like the 2010 PSP game Fate/EXTRA is getting a remake done. Read on for more details!

by Jared N.

Picture of a Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing on the screen

Study: People Are Playing More Video Games Since Quarantine Started

A study confirms that more people are playing video games ever since COVID-19 came into the world.

by Jared N.

VALORANT Phoenix and Jett

Valorant Has Had Leaked Unreleased Abilities of Two Agents That Aren’t in the Game

A data miner has discovered unreleased abilities that belong to agents that aren't playable in the game as of yet.

by Jared N.

Prophecy trailer screenshot

Leaked Footage Shows Unannounced ‘Prophecy’ Game From Creators of 'Ghost Of Tsushima'

A leaked video has surfaced of 11 minutes of gameplay of an unannounced game from Sucker Punch titled Prophecy.

by Jared N.

Into the Radius

Here Are Some Tips to Enjoy the Full Version of Into the Radius

Despite the amazing graphics and the intense gameplay, there's always something that's lacking when you play these games- and that's immersion. And what better way to dive deep into the game than letting go of the controller and go virtual in the full version of the 2019 game- Into the Radius.

by CaseQ.

Legion, female Commander Shepard, and Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect 2

A Leak Has Reinforced That Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Is Coming

A leaked Mass Effect artbook listing on Amazon seems to point to the reality of there being a Mass Effect Trilogy coming soon.

by Jared N.

Xbox Series X

Goodbye To Xbox Live Gold? There Could Be Something New On The Horizon For Xbox Live

Microsoft isn't selling the Xbox Live Gold anymore, which might be because they are focusing resources on something else.

by Jared N.


Fortnite Bug Allows Players to Revive Allies Instantly

A recently found Fortnite exploit allows you to revive your allies instantly. In most battle royale games, players have "two lives' so to speak

by CaseQ.

Xbox Games Showcase

The Upcoming Xbox Games Showcase Will Be An Event That Solely Focuses On Games

The Xbox Games Showcase that's happening on July 23 will be an hour-long event that focuses on games, so prepare to see some great titles during the showcase.

by Jared N.

Ghost of Tsushima

'Ghost of Tsushima': Getting Started On Your Journey as 'The Ghost'

After the fans' disappointment from 'The Last of Us' Part II, they plan to make it up with the next Playstation-exclusive, 'Ghost of Tsushima.'

by CaseQ.

Paper Mario: The Origami King

What Is It Like Playing Paper Mario: The Origami King?

Developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo, the first Paper Mario role-playing video game was first released in Japan in 2000 before marketing it to North America by 2001 for the Nintendo 64 home video game console. It was then re-released for the Wii Virtual Console in July 2007 with the Wii U Virtual Console version in 2015.

by CaseQ.

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