Brand-new Release Valorant

Riot Games Release Brand-New VALORANT; Watch Now To Get A Chance To Play The Game Early!

The launch of the' all-new Valorant is one of the most significant events in history with millions of players wanting early access. Here's how!

by Renz

[Spoiler Alert] How to Unlock Final Fantasy VII Remake's Hard Mode and Chapter Select From Square Enix

[Spoiler Alert] How To Unlock Both Hard Mode and Chapter Select in Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake!

If you've ever wondered how to unlock both the hard mode and chapter select in Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake, you've come to the right place!

by Urian

7 Best Final Fantasy Games: A Celebration Of Square Enix's Successful Decade

Square Enix's 7 Best Final Fantasy Games of The Last Decade

Square Enix has had quite the success with its Final Fantasy franchise. Check out the seven best Final Fantasy games of the last decade!

by Urian

Why Play Pokemon Go? Because Cheap Bundles Are Everywhere! Check Out The New 1 PokeCoin Bundle

Cheap Bundles Everywhere: Pokemon Go Gets a New 1 PokeCoin Bundle Including 20 Ultra Balls!

Niantic has been able to keep up with the sudden change of life where people are mostly staying indoors by offering awesome Pokemon Go deals weekly for players to take advantage of!

by Urian

Pokemon Go Top 3 Normal Type Pokemon: The Best Defense There Is!

Top 3 Normal Type Pokemons for Defense: Pokemon Go Guide

Ever wondered what the top 3 Normal type Pokemons for defense would look like? Well, here they are!

by Urian

[August 1] Save The Date For The New Super Mario Sets Starting at $59.99!

[August 1] Lego and Nintendo's Brand New Super Mario Lego Set Starts At $59.99! Here's All You Need To Know

Lego and Nintendo have just recently announced that they will be working together to bring a new Super Mario Lego set! Will the $59.99 set be worth the price?

by Urian

NASCAR's Professional Driver Bubba Wallace Rage Quits On Esports Racing!

[VIDEO] Bubbe Wallace NASA Professional Driver Rage Quits Esports Racing

NASCAR's professional driver, by the name of Bubbe Wallace, has suddenly decided to rage quit during an ongoing race! What are other Esports drivers feeling?

by Urian

Resident Evil 3 Remake

Sale Alert: Steam Marks Down Prices on Best-Selling Titles Resident Evil, Fallout, And More!

Players looking to add to their arsenal of games have a plethora of options to choose from as Fanatical hosts an Easter Sale to several best selling titles/franchises on Steam.

by Renz

Riot Games Confirms Controversial Feature To Be Added To Valorant: Will This Make Or Break The New Game?

Riot Games Add Controversial Feature to Valorant: Will This Make Or Break The Upcoming Game?

The upcoming first-person-shooter game by Riot Games has confirmed that they will be adding a controversial feature to Valorant. Will this make or break the upcoming game?

by Urian

Esports Celebrity Joins FaZe Clan on Fortnite! Could Their New All-Star Teams Secure The Championship This 2020?

FaZe Clan Gets Another Esports Celebrity! Will This New Member Make Them Champions This 2020?

FaZe Clan has finally announced a new member of their team, and fans are going wild! Could this be the all-star Fortnite team to dominate 2020?

by Urian

League of Legends 'Zilean'

Did You Know That League of Legends Champion 'Zilean' Is A Tribute To One Of Riot Games Staff? Here Are Other Fun Facts

The massive mobile online battle arena (MOBA), League of Legends, has hunkered down its roots over the last decade. It has become one of the most critically acclaimed esports games worldwide. With the amount of time it has operated for, mysteries related to the techno giant go unbeknownst to its player base. We have listed the coolest facts you should know:

by Renz

Aliens Are Here! Grand Theft Auto Online Unleashes Rockstar Games' Nightmares Through A New Survival Series and Peyote

Aliens? Peyote? Grand Theft Auto Online Gets A Weird Rockstar Games Nightmare!

Grand Theft Auto Online has just recently gotten an alien survival series as well as a peyote vegetation addition from Rockstar Games to spice things up a little bit.

by Urian

Error Message From League of Legends: How Does Riot Games Address This Issue?

League of Legends Error Message: How Does Riot Games Deeal With This Issue?

Riot Games has finally addressed the error message which players are experiencing whenever they try to either login or create a lobby.

by Urian

[NBA 2K20 Hacks] Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan? Galaxy Opal Magic Johnson? GO Derrick Rose? Here's How to Get Them All!

[NBA 2K20 Hacks] Get Your Free Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan Packs: Here's How

NBA 2K20's card packs can be tricky but if you want to find a way to get Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan, Galaxy Opal Magic Johnson, and GO Derrick Rose all together, here's how!

by Urian

[Game Hack] How to Defeat Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 by Capcom

Capcom's Resident Evil 3 Remake Hack: How to Defeat Nemesis

Capcom's Resident Evil 3 Remake brings back a powerful boss who is quite difficult to defeat. Here's how to defeat Nemesis!

by Urian

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