27-Inch iMac

Updated 27-Inch iMac Boasts of an Improved Camera, High-Fidelity Speakers, and Speed Boosts

A major update has come to the 27-inch iMac. It boasts of a better camera, a faster processor, upgraded speakers, SSD across the line, and more.

by Grace Stewart

Apple Watch Series 6 will likely sport a range of new health features

Apple Watch Series 6 Will Likely Sport a Range of New Health Features

The Apple Watch Series 6 that is expected to be unveiled this fall will add a range of new health features, including blood oxygen monitoring.

by Grace Stewart

Apple Company

Apple to Completely Be Carbon Neutral by 2030

Apple promised to go completely carbon neutral in the next 10 years, with every device sold having a net-zero climate impact.

by CaseQ.

Android OS Is Better Than IOS

5 Reasons Why Android OS Is Better Than IOS

Apple and Google will always have its patrons. But for those who simply want a device that suits their needs the choice between an Android device or an iOS device can be a difficult one. Let's make it easier for you: Android

by Staff Reporter

These Are Best Work Laptop Brands Not Made in China [July 2020]

These Are Best Work Laptop Brands Not Made in China [July 2020]

In search of your next work laptop as you shift to working from home? While you consider different specs that will be important to your needs, the current trade war between the United States and China has made some users are considering devices not made in the Middle Kingdom. Here are a few choices of the best so far.

by Staff Reporter

Alleged Apple iPhone 12

Patent Leak Shows Apple Working on In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner As Possible iPhone 12 Feature

A patent has been circulating the internet that shows that Apple is working on a fingerprint scanner that's placed inside the screen. Could it be implemented into the iPhone 12 or a later model?

by Jared N.

WWDC2020 Keynote Was Not Enough: Here are Some Updates Apple has Kept from You

WWDC2020 Was Not Enough: Here are Additional Updates Apple has Kept from You

Oh yeah, the WWDC2020 didn't tell you everything. Here are a few missing updates you have missed.

by Urian

iPhone on a table

Secret iPhone Tips And Tricks Apple Didn't Let You Know All This Time: Adjust Flashlight Brightness, Set A Timer, And More

iPhone owners usually have some things they wish they could do quickly, such as set a timer or having the degree symbol ready. Well, you can do those things and more, here's how!

by Jared N.

iPhone being used to take a photo of a woman

Enhance Your iPhone’s Camera Using These Camera Clips [2020]

Using an attachable camera lens that clips onto your iPhone can improve the quality of your photos. Here are the best ones you can buy on Amazon.

by Jared N.

iPhone with iOS 14

IPhone Anti-Tracking Tech in Upcoming iOS 14 Reportedly Reduces The Amount of Free Apps: Why is That?

Apple's iPhone will receive anti-tracking technology when its latest iOS14 software update comes out. This technology will allegedly make free apps reduce in number on the App Store. But why is that?

by Jared N.

AirPods Spatial Sound

WWDC 2020: Apple Plans To Upgrade Your AirPods By Making The Sound You Listen To Feel Cinematic

Apple has many upgrades in store for the AirPods Pro, but what exactly are the upgrades that are planned? Here's what's coming to your AirPods.

by Jared N.

Apple WWDC 2020

Apple Unveils Teams for Feedback Assistant: All the Details You Need to Know For Better Collaboration

Developers working together can now quickly report bugs to Apple on the same project with new collaborative tool 'Teams for Feedback Assistant.'

by Staff Reporter

Tim Cook avatar

WWDC 2020: How To Check If Your Apple Device Is Compatible With macOS Big Sur, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, And watchOS 7

macOS Big Sur, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, as well as watchOS 7 were announced at WWDC 2020, but are your current Apple devices compatible with these updates? Find out here.

by Jared N.

Apple WWDC 2020 Apple Watch07

[WWDC Live] Apple WatchOS 7 Unveiled With Much Awaited Sleep Tracking Features

Tim Cook mentioned a sleep-tracking feature that will help users make recommendations on when to go to sleep and wake up. This is a feature that Apple's trademark watch lacks when compared to competitors such as Fitbit.

by Staff Reporter

Apple logo

Apple Is Changing Its App Store Guidelines To Make App Developers Happy

After an outcry from Apple app developers, the tech giant seems to be making changes to cater to their wishes.

by Jared N.

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