New Razer Blade gaming laptop can (almost) cut through air

"Thinner than a dime," that's how Razer described its new 14-inch Blade gaming laptop but the leading PC peripheral manufacturer has an invisible warning label on it - monster inside.

The Razer Blade gaming laptop is thinner than Apple's MacBook Air at 0.66-inch and has an expensive sticker price of $1,800. Comparatively, the Blade is also more powerful than the ultrabook from the Cupertino-based company on a per cubic inch basis.

"Thinner than a dime and more powerful than other traditional desktop replacements today, we've created an entirely new category of thin and powerful laptops that is generations ahead of other PCs," explained Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan in a press statement.

Underneath the all-aluminum chassis is a very potent fourth-generation Intel Core processor, a 8GB DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GTX 765M with 2GB GDDR5 memory, Intel HD4600 graphics and a 128GB solid state drive with options to upgrade to 256GB or 512GB. The LED display has a 1600x900 resolution. It also comes with three USB 3.0 ports. The manufacturer claims that the Blade's battery can last up to six hours. Considering the setup of the Razer Blade, the gaming machine can handle "Crysis 3" at around 45 fps.

The Razer Blade features a custom-designed gaming trackpad that supports multi-touch gestures. The backlit keyboard is also specifically designed for gaming with anti-ghosting capabilities.

Razer has also launched the new 17.3-inch Razer Blade Pro alongside the thin-mean-gaming-machine. The manufacturer claimed that this iteration of the notebook is twice as fast as the Blade model last year. It taps into the computing power of a 2.4GHz Haswell processor and is equipped with an Nvidia GEForce GTX 765M GPU. The rest of the setup is pretty much the same as its 14-inch sibling.

The Razer Blade Pro is not just designed for gaming but it can also smoothly run creative software applications and handle the most graphically demanding work. This new Razer Blade Pro machine will sell for $2,300.

The Razer Blade and the Razer Blade Pro will be available for pre-order starting June 3.

The Razer Blade laptops send out a clear message to other manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung that it is out to slash their market share.

Below are the promo videos for the Razer Blade and the Razer Blade Pro:

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