'Rick And Morty' Season 3 Returns This Week, Creators Reveal Mysterious Livestream To Make Up To Fans?

Adult Swim confirmed the third season of “Rick and Morty” when it released the official first episode on April Fool’s Day. However, the rest of the season has yet to be seen. After being swarmed with cancellation rumors and delays, the showrunners have revealed that the new season is finally coming soon.

“Rick and Morty” Season 3 took an indefinite hiatus after it released its official first episode in April this year. After a long wait, it has been announced that that the new season of the series will return this summer though Adult Swim has yet to reveal an actual date. The announcement was revealed when the show revealed that it will be inviting selected fans to join Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland to an upcoming exclusive live stream and they might just reveal the latest episode.

The live stream will take place this Thursday, June 29 at 9 pm EST. However, it has not been confirmed if the second episode will be revealed through this live stream. Fans at least are assured that this live stream will address the many mysteries engulfing the show right now.

In addition to the announcement that “Rick and Morty” Season 3 is finally coming back with a new season, Harmon has taken to his official Twitter account to air out his grievances about rumors that the show is being canceled. He denied the rumors but admitted that the delay was partly their fault and they regret it so much.

Harmon explained that “Rick and Morty” Season 3 was delayed because they had taken more time to write about the new episodes. He also debunked rumors that he and Roiland were allegedly in a feud, even pointing out that if it were true, they would have finished the new season quicker than anticipated. Harmon assured fans that despite the delay, the installment of the animated Adult Swim show is filled with great content.

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