'One Piece' Spoilers: Capone Bege, Pedro To Give Up Their Lives To Save Luffy And The Alliance?

The latest chapter of the “One Piece” manga series has yet to be released after a one-week break and fans are speculating what might happen in the new chapter. Fans are predicting that a character will most likely sacrifice himself to save the others.

The recent chapter of “One Piece” manga, which was released two weeks ago revealed one of Capone Bege’s unknown powers. Referred to as his awakening, Capone Bege transformed into a huge castle called the Big Father. His transformation was prompted when he, Luffy, and the rest of the alliance got trapped and surrounded by Big Mom’s crew. Apparently, their plan to assassinate Big Mom failed despite succeeding in destroying Mother Caramel’s photo.

The alliance is now seeking refuge inside Big Father and they are trying to figure out how to escape alive. The Vinsmokes has unleashed the strong Germa 66 and they have begun their retaliation against Big Mom’s strongest pirates. Aside from Germa 66, it seems like no one else is strong enough to go against Big Mom’s crew. Not to mention that Big Mom has finally woken up from her weakened trance so the alliance's future looks dark.

“One Piece” is known for its unexpected twists in the story, which keeps the readers hooked and interested. Despite how bleak the situation looks like for the Straw Hats Pirates, fans are hoping for a small ray of hope for the main characters to survive. Some are hoping that Luffy’s awakening will finally be revealed but that is most unlikely to happen. Many are suggesting that Capone Bege will most likely give up his life to save Luffy and the rest since Capone Bege is already taking a toll while being Big Father.

Pedro, who has little time left of his life after Big Mom took away 50 years of his life span, is predicted to stand up and save everyone. Pedro is known to be loyal and he displays it with violence. He has joined the mission to save Sanji and with the chaos, he will probably have a bigger role in the Whole Cake Island Arc.

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