OnePlus Exec Tackles OnePlus 5's Criticisms, Says Flagship Killer Should “Normally” Arrive This Week

OnePlus had a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) and the company was able to answer questions from numerous Redditors. Well, at least the ones it thought to be important.

When asked when the OnePlus 5 will arrive, the company can only come up with a statement that the highly anticipated smartphone should "normally" arrive this week. OnePlus also explained that those who placed their orders first will get to see and use the OnePlus 5 first.

While the Early Drop system seems logical, it didn't really work according to some Redditors. Some people who ordered their OnePlus 5 handsets early, specifically during and right after the launch of the flagship killer, have yet to get their units. A particular Reddit user mentioned that the said orders should have been received by June 23, as Android Headlines reported. Some of these early orders have been received but there are some who haven't been shipped yet at the time of the AMA.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau also entertained some questions presented by "The Indian Express." The talk mainly focused on the issues surrounding the OnePlus 5, according to Android Authority. Lau gamely addressed the criticisms facing the OnePlus 5 and the company in general.

Regarding the lack of waterproofing for the OnePlus 5, Lau relayed that he is "not convinced" that the feature is "a big consumer requirement." The OnePlus executive also stressed that waterproofing the OnePlus 5 will only make it "thicker and heavier."

When asked about the similarities between the OnePlus 5 and the iPhone 7, Lau only said that the OnePlus One and every device since were subjected to the same criticisms. His main defense was that the "OnePlus One has become a classic" and that "time has proved everything."

Lau also defended the company's supposed manipulation of the benchmark test. He explained that they were only trying to "tap the full potential of the CPU" of the OnePlus 5. He also said that it is vital for a smartphone to have the proper heat dissipation for its CPU to keep performing well. Heating will prevent the CPU fro attaining its full potential with regards to performance.

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