OnePlus 6 Could Feature A Rear-Facing Fingerprint Scanner

Following the successful launch of the OnePlus 5, the Chinese tech company seems to be planning its new sibling, the OnePlus 6.  The rumored new device plans to follow the trend of having a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. 

The OnePlus 5 smartphone is a remarkably accomplished mobile device considering it comes from such a startup company and at such a low price. It has a very great new design, a high-quality camera and all the power we’ve come to expect from a good handset. However, there’s little doubt that the young Chinese company will follow it up with the OnePlus 6 that is assumed to be released next year.

According to Android Headlines, OnePonlus recently held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event on Reddit. After the release of OnePlus 5, the company answered some questions by users along with some information that the tech firm released regarding their flagship smartphones. Aside from that, OnePlus also said that the company is considering to move the fingerprint scanner on the rear part for its next-gen phone. This means that the assumed OnePlus 6 next year could sport a fingerprint scanner on the back of it.

On the other hand, OnePlus is also considering to make a smartphone that will cost more than $800. There is also a possibility that the OnePlus 3, as well as the OnePlus 3T, will get the Android O before the end of this year. The tech firm had also confirmed that EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) on 4K video is also coming together with the future update. In fact, OnePlus already partnered up with DxO prior to the launch of its flagship mobile device. However, the company did not talk about its partnership during the keynote.

The OnePlus 5 looks and feels great, and gained many positive feedbacks. However, according to TechRadar, it lacks some features that are exceptionally expected. This is the reason why many critics and smartphone enthusiasts are hoping that OnePlus will step things up for next year's OnePlus 6.


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