Tesla Has A Treat For 400,00 Customers Who Pre-ordered The Model 3

Tesla is preparing for the big exhibit of the most anticipated Model 3, its first mass-market car. In fact, CEO Elon Musk already unveiled the car back in March last but Tesla will show off the final version of the sedan in July. The summer debut will treat 400,000 customers who pre-ordered Tesla Model 3 a chance to see the ultimate version before deliveries begin before the end of the year.

According to Business Insider, Tesla will reveal the finished and final model of its Model 3 in July. Finally, 400,000 lucky customers who pre-ordered the car can finally get to see what the automaker will deliver. The highly anticipated Model 3 costs $35,000 for the basic model with optional add-ons that will come out to an approximate total of $40,000. The electric car comes in variant colors such as black, red, silver and metallic gray.

Tesla Model 3 is one of the company's most boasting cars especially nowadays that the rivalry in terms of the efficient car is very tight. As a matter of fact, Tesla claimed that Model 4 can drive 215 miles on a single charge with an introduction to the largest supercharger network, which is set to double in size later this year.

New sensors on Tesla's Model 3 will fully support autonomous driving, which means that the car should be able to drive itself once regulators allow it. According to a report from The Street, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority announced that it had concerns about the self-driving feature of all autonomous cars, calling it as "purely a driver assistance program."

On the other hand, new images pertaining to the Tesla Model 3 have been leaked by You You Xue on Reddit. Xue claimed to came across the new car model randomly in San Matteo and said to “jumped straight out of the car and started snapping photos!” Based on positive feedbacks, the most anticipated electric car of the decade, the Model 3, might be one of the most efficient and in demand cars compared to its competitors.


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