AMD Launches The World's Fastest Graphics Card For $999

Advanced Micro Devices, most commonly known as AMD, promised to start shipping the new generation video cards in late June. The new chipset titled as the world's fastest graphics card is known as the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition cards. Aside from the shipping information, AMD has also filled in a few more technical details regarding the high-end GPU and clarified some of the most important specifications, including its price.

According to AnandTech, the air cooled model of the AMD Frontier Edition card costs $999 and $1499 for the liquid-cooled version. As of now, it's still unclear who this card is for because it seems like AMD is mostly focused nowadays on content creators. Aside from that, the company has also encouraged gamers, as well as game firms, to wait for the Vega RX series.

On the other hand, AMD claimed that they will include dual-mode drivers for the Frontier Edition card. With that, the chipset can easily be flipped from pro applications just like CAD and other computing tasks over to video game speedup. This makes sense for games, especially VR developers, who need both types of speedup on a daily basis. It also appears to be much more complicated compared to the previous chips and deserves some testing before gets through the professional workflow.

As of today now, NewEgg has a pre-order listing for AMD's fastest graphics card, The Verge reported. The online store claims that the release date is on June 29, but that order page is already linked to AMD's official and direct "available today" announcement post. Aside from that, AMD has also posted the final specs of the newest card.

According to the post, Radeon Vega Frontier Edition cards will have1600MHz peak clock with a “Typical clock” of 1382MHz sustained performance. It’s worth noting that the graphics card is the first chipset of AMD that used this term because they’ve usually used the term “base clock”, which is treated as the minimum clock speed of a card.


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