Vivo Beats Apple With Its Advanced Fingerprint Sensors By Qualcomm

Yesterday, a new creation of fingerprint sensor was installed on a prototype smartphone made by Vivo. Today, a source got to test it out at a Shanghai trade show. According to the result, this smartphone feature is the latest ultrasonic fingerprint sensor from Qualcomm.

As reported by The Verge, Qualcomm is now busy working on OLED display that can stack up to 1.2mm thick, 0.8mm of the cover glass, or 0.65mm of aluminum. An increase of 0.4mm for both regular glass or metal components of a smartphone. Aside from that, the company also claims that when the gadget is wet or greasy, the new fingerprint sensors can still work normally unlike the sensors we find on smartphones today.

The edge-to-edge displays are the conventional features of smartphones today. However, the new holy grail for mobile engineers is the creation of a one of a kind fingerprint sensor. Not just under the glass display, but under the thickness of the glass plus the display. That means a feature that something nobody has quite mastered on a production except Qualcomm.

As reported by Forbes, some companies that provide fingerprint sensor can work behind glass, metal, or other materials on top of the scanner itself. One such resolution is Qualcomm’s very own ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which recently ships in the LeEco LeMax and the Xiaomi Mi 5s. In fact, both mobile devices use Qualcomm’s first production of ultrasonic fingerprint sensing technology to go under the aluminum or glass display

Qualcomm is planning to announce a new generation of their ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology at MWC Shanghai together with their second generation of scanners. There have been numerous reports of different smartphones having this fingerprint sensor capability, but with this new generation of Qualcomm's ultrasonic sensors, we now know it’s real and can come soon in the tech world.


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