The Most Expensive Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Might Have 64GB And 128GB Storage Options

Samsung is set to unveil its anticipated Galaxy Note 8 in less than two months. Along with this, expect that there will be millions of rumors and leaks this coming week regarding the smartphone. And today, a new leak claims that the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will have 64GB and 128GB storage option for a price more than $1,000.

According to Value Walk, the design and specs of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will be almost similar to the Galaxy S8+, so there's not much to expect. However, the anticipated phablet will have a few exclusive features, which includes an S Pen stylus and an Isocell Dual camera on the rear.

Osen, a Korean site news, learned from an unnamed Samsung Electronics product that a smartphone named as Galaxy Note 8 will be available in either 64GB and 128GB versions. Relatively, the Galaxy S8 only has 64GB of built-in storage. However, both Samsung device support storage expansion through microSD cards of up to 256GB.

According to BGR, the base price for the most-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be around $1,000 or $1,100 depending on the market of the country. Given that the base price for a smartphone gets you the lowest storage tier, it’s also safe to say that the 128GB model will be even more expensive. On the other hand, the report doesn’t mention which Galaxy Note 8 parts are so expensive and why it is priced more than $1,000.

Samsung will unveil its Galaxy Note 8 in a special event at New York on August 26t. As of now, it is still unclear whether the new report is simply reiterating previous rumors or if it is reliable sources already confirmed the date. However, it makes sense since Samsung has traditionally announced previous Galaxy Note phablets in late August or early September. Also, those months are just in time for Samsung to beat the upcoming Apple's iPhone models to the market.


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