Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Latest Update: New DLC Features Exploration And Survival

Zelda: Breath of the Wild latest update is already out. This first DLC of the game is light, but the developer claims that its additions will definitely be good for the game. It focuses on what fans like in this game: more exploration, more problem-solving and more survival quests to be undertaken by Link, its main protagonist.

This DLC Fits Seamlessly With The Original Game

 A report says that Nintendo is now working on the second DLC of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Its title will be Champions' Ballad. But for now, fans can expect to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with the latest DLC. Aside from the additions, this upgrade will also introduce various fixes to improve gameplay.

This Zelda: Breath of the Wild latest update fits seamlessly with the original game's open world. Gamers will get access to several new items, quests, and tools once they have downloaded this upgrade. However, they are not readily available upon boot up.

This Is Where Exploration Comes In

This latest update of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will give directions to gamers on where to find these new items. And this is where exploration comes in. For instance, if a gamer wants to wear Tingle's green tights or Majora's Mask, he must first go to the Outpost Ruins to find Misko's Journal for the directions.

Riddles Will Give Clues To Where The New Items Are

This new DLC has dispersed several books all over Hyrule. These books contain riddles and rumors that will give directions to gamers on how and where they can find the new items. But gamers shouldn't worry because the riddles are very easy to solve although they are complicated enough to require some thinking.

The file size of this Zelda: Breath of the Wild latest update is just a light 456 MB on the Nintendo Switch. That is a huge difference with Wii U's version which gobbles up a massive 3.76 GB. Champions' Ballad, Zelda's second DLC expansion is scheduled for release later this year.

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