Microsoft Reportedly Working On iPad 'Touch Cover'

Microsoft is said to be working on the latest accessory for iPads. The leaked official document about the software giant revealed that it has listed a mysterious "iPad Touch Cover" in a download page for documentation related to Lithium batteries.

It looks like Microsoft is still not done with its Touch Cover idea, as the latest document via WinFuture, related to lithium batteries, reveals that Microsoft is reportedly working on a Touch Cover for the Apple iPad. The iPad touch Cover is listed as model number 1719. However, as luck would have it, Logitech's keyboard case for the iPad uses a similar battery button as well. The battery used with the iPad Touch Cover measures 814-watt hours per cell is equivalent to what could be found in those button cells found on glucometers and hearing aids. 

The leaked official document doesn't reveal much about the accessory, apart from it having some kind of battery in it. The Microsoft document is part of a selection of documents where the software giant details its battery use in all its products, including Lumia, Surface, and Xbox. The latest iPad Touch Cover is casually listed along with all these other Microsoft products, The Verge reported.

Microsoft is yet to confirm and make an official announcement regarding a Touch Cover for the iPad. However, it's interesting to see Microsoft building accessories for other tablets such as the iPad. It will also be intriguing to see how closely Microsoft's iPad Touch Cover resembles the original Surface Touch Covers.

It's also possible that Microsoft's accessory is supposed for the base iPad, for which Apple doesn't sell its own keyboard. Possibly Microsoft is considering this to be an exploitable vulnerability of its competitor's current product line. 

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