Intel Unveils Specifications & Release Date Of Extreme 18 Core I9 CPU, Ultimate AMD Threadripper Killer

Another new member is going to join in Intel CPU family with 18 cores. Intel has finally announced about their new core i9 processor at Computex 2017. This new member has significantly more core than its predecessor Core i7 HEDT. It is expected to launch all four Core i9 variants within October.

However, Intel has confirmed that the 12-core Intel Core i9-7920X would hit the market on August 28. On the other side, Core i9-7940X, 7960X, and 7980XE are expected to be available on sale September 25. ExtremeTech has reported, as per silicon architecture, Intel Has internally subdivided their Xeon processors into 3 segments those are named as LCC, HCC, and XCC.

According to Engadget, all the latest Intel chips are based on the same Skylake-X refresh having less amount of L3 cache but, significantly more L2 per core. Compared to older CPUs, new Xeon designs have more cores that reflect on the chip’s maximum dual-core frequencies. It becomes harder to find workloads with the increased number of CPU cores.

As most of the workloads are at least capable of loading two or more threads these days, so company’s HCC Xeon silicon architecture fills the in-between spaces and speed ups the overall performances. LCC chips are Low Core Count CPUs with a single ring bus of L3, while Intel’s High Core Count CPU uses a dual ring bus.

Intel is bringing HCC silicon to its LGA 2066 HEDT with the launching of 12-core variant but, thermal tests and overclocking process indicate 10-core Skylake-X parts can trap huge amounts of heat below the heat spreader. To compensate the rising heat, Intel has stepped back the base and boost clock. In terms of pricing, it is still higher than the flagship model of AMD Threadripper 1950X. For 18 core model, Intel Has set the price around $1999, while the 16 core AMD Threadripper model is available at $999. It is still in a suspense who will win the ultimate head to head battle in terms of performance.

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