'Dance Moms' Former Coach Abby Lee Miller Hires A Bodyguard, Finds Prison Life Extra Challenging?

Abby Lee Miller is currently facing a rough life in prison. Evidenced by a nasty fight between her and a fellow inmate last month, the former coach of Lifetime's "Dance Moms" reportedly hired a bodyguard to ensure her safety and security while in jail.

Miller got charged for fraudulent transactions in the course of her business with "Dance Moms." Her case involved anomalous amounts which proved to be undocumented.

The "Dance Moms" cast were the first ones to rejoice after the sentence. Abby Lee Miller quit the show for being mistreated by the cast and production. Each of the cast and crew has their versions of the story. Proof of such treatment needs more confirmation from both parties. However, news reveals that the moms were happy after Miller's imprisonment.

Months after being incarcerated, the "Dance Moms" star never had it easy. In just a few months, she already got into an altercation with fellow inmate according to Yahoo! Because of this, she allegedly hired a correctional officer/guard to make her feel safer than usual.

The fight rocked the Federal Correctional Institute. Miller deemed it necessary to appoint a protector to avoid such incident from happening. The payment is reportedly in commissary credit.

As per Life & Style, Paige Hyland filed an emotional distress lawsuit in 2014 against Abby Lee Miller. Unfortunately, the court dropped the suit.

However, that did not get Miller off the hook. Everything started 2015 upon her indictment. She made a bank account with $775,000 worth of income from the Lifetime series. Everything spiraled downward since then.

The "Dance Moms" star still has months to complete her jail sentence. At least she accepts that what she did was wrong. In one interview, Miller even said she feels relieved and at peace. Well, she should feel more at peace now that she allegedly hired someone to protect her while in jail.

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