iOS 7 may feature AirDrop wireless file sharing

Apple seems to be all set to announce iOS 7 at the WWDC event on June 10 and rumors of the operating system's features are already doing its rounds. A latest rumor suggests that iOS 7 will feature AirDrop wireless file sharing which Apple planned to deploy in iOS 6.

Apple introduced AirDrop in mid-2011 as part of the OS X Lion operating system. AirDrop is a wireless file sharing protocol developed by Apple which is now rumored to be in testing for the upcoming iOS 7.

A 9to5mac report cites sources familiar with the software and notes "Sources say that the AirDrop functionality is currently integrated into the standard iOS share menu. AirDrop will work between two iOS devices and potentially between an iOS device and a Mac. The feature will make it easier than ever to transfer, for example, a photograph or document from one person's iPhone to another person's iPad."

Apple previously intended to integrate AirDrop in iOS 6 to take advantage of the new Wi-Fi hardware used in the latest iOS devices. The company never revealed the reason for not including AirDrop tool in iOS 6 but it's believed that Apple will now bring the feature in the upcoming iOS 7.

iCloud synchronization works well for file sharing between two iOS devices owned by the same person; however, the AirDrop feature will also allow individual file sharing between iOS devices belonging to different people.

Apple announced iOS at the WWDC event in June 2012 and many iFans will be eagerly waiting for the company to announce iOS 7 and its new features at the WWDC event this year.

iOS 7 is still in its beta testing and with WWDC round the corner, we will to wait and see what new features does Apple bring along in iOS 7.

If you are waiting for the launch of iOS 7, what features do you want Apple to bring in the upcoming mobile operating system? 

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